Hate on the Church media feeding frenzy

Yes, we must attend to earthly justice, but when I watch what is happening in both Kansas City and my native place of St. Paul and Minneapolis, I wonder about the true motives of the newsies.  Regarding St. Paul, I am pretty sure I know what the lawyers are doing, and at least some of the LEOs.

It reminds me of this:

Woe to those who raise their hands against the Lord’s anointed.  If there is a shred of greed or ill-will in what those lawyers and newsies are doing, I wouldn’t want to be them on the day of reckoning.  God cannot be fooled.

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  1. Torpedo1 says:

    Keep those prayers coming Fr. Z, it’s very hard here. the local media snears at any hint of false accusation. They don’t want justice, they want to beat the Church and her priests into the ground. Pray for us, pray for our Arch Bishop and pray for our priests. It’s harder on them than anyone else.

  2. rdschreiner says:

    You hit it on the head, Father Z. There are clearly enemies of Archbishop Nienstedt both inside and outside of the Church and it’s obvious they want him out and to push the Archdiocese into bankruptcy. Jeff Anderson and his colleagues are already salivating at the $5 million reserve that was set aside for settlements of the abuse allegations and probably have their sites set on the long term investments/endowments.

  3. rdschreiner says:

    And the other thing that’s interesting is that Minnesota Public Radio seems to be leading the charge, which was founded at that bastion of orthodoxy (not) St. John’s University in Collegeville…

  4. datroy says:

    Wait, are we defending bishops who fail to deal with pedophile priests because the bishop is also orthodox, supports Summorum, and so forth? Why are we letting the liberals take the lead on these types of cases? As a broader question, and not referring specifically to Finn, why are there so few vocal orthodox groups trying to get rid of the filth, and their abettors, who have done so much damage to the Church? I am outraged by the harm they have done, and yet the only ones protesting this are also trying to push every item off the liberal wish list for changing the Church. We can’t be reactionary and circle the wagons because the wrong people are leading the charge against them – we need to associate traditional Catholics, not the LCWR or womynpriest advocates, with the cause of protecting children and stopping those who wish to do them harm. What am I missing?

  5. Natalie Anne says:

    @datroy, You brig up a wonderful point about associating traditional Catholics with the cause of protecting Children. I personally believe that the problem stems from the ideology that only mental health professionals can deal with victims of abuse. I know this seems like a long shot here, but bare with me for a second. I am a survivor of horrific childhood sexual abuse and have gone to several Priests on the East Coast — yes, all along the Coast when I was in the Navy — and EVERY SINGLE one of them sent me to a therapist. Not one of them felt they had the ability to help. There were times I felt betrayed by them because they were so unwilling to even try to help. There is this idea that only those educated out of their common sense can help us women who were abused. Because of what I was being taught in therapy, I left the Church. It was a very confusing, dark time for me and I was brought out of the confusion by the dedicated help of one very good FSSP Priest who never gave up on me and never sent me to therapy. I am only one case, there are thousands of us out there. Take the statistics that one on three women are survivors of sex abuse, couple that with the Priests sending us away and add that to the fact that there were Priests who have abused children and that equals a force of anger that is almost unstoppable. It is my true desire to explain to Priests that they do have the ability to help us survivors and to please stop sending all of us to the “professionals”. When this happens, I do believe that we will begin to see true healing in the Church.

    There is a saying that the world is as good as it’s women. Well, 1 in 3 are broken, it’s time for healing. A true healing ministry from within the Church.

    God help us and Our Lady of Sorrows protect us

  6. avecrux says:

    datroy – here is what you are missing.
    There is no need for orthodox “groups” to lead the charge combatting abuse in the Church. Why? Because the Church is leading the charge. Just because the media does not cover the facts doesn’t mean it is not happening. Case in point: Pope Benedict. The media will say one thing – the truth is something very different. Collectively, my husband and I have worked in diocesan or archdiocesan employment for a dozen years. The Catholic Church absolutely THE safest place for any child to be… and I say that also as a parent of 6 children. Of course, the media would rather have you believe they would be safer with Woody Allen. Pass the popcorn….

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