URGENT: Problems posting comments

I have received a few emails from readers who have been getting a message about a “white list” when trying to comment here.

I will try to get to the bottom of this.


A reader send a screen shot of what they see.  I advise you NOT to use this.


There may be registration problems also.

In short… something is wrong.  I am going to need some support.


I am trying to write a talk for a conference… GRRRR.   This rubbish always happens when I am against a wall.  That’s Zuhlsdorf’s Law.

BUT… I see that the anti-spam plugin, without which I can’t run this place, thinks that a lot of you have bad IP addresses… that you are all spammers.

This is sort of like dealing with HAL 9000.  I am waiting for it to lock me out of the ship and then having to pull its brains out on by one (e.g., disabling features of the plugin until the problem goes away).


I had to remove the plugin that stopped a lot of spammers from attacking the registration form.  I will now be under siege by slime.

Also, a priest reader sent this screenshot, which suggests a problem I have never seen.

I need the help of a real WordPress expert.

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