Registration and spammer attacks on the rise

A note to everyone:

There has been a sharp uptick of attacks on the registration form and on the combox.

I am getting lots of false registrations.  Also, I received a notification of a request from “someone” to be white-listed, to be allowed through my moat, boiling oil, alligators, arrows and attack dogs, flame-throwers, razor-wire and TVs with reruns of Green Acres.

So, if you try to register, use that “About Yourself” field in the registration form to convince me that you are not a spammer.  You don’t have to write a biography.  But, if you leave it blank or put nothing but generic pabulum in it, I will not approve the registration.

Also, I warmly advise that you do not use your own email address as your username.

I am also going to use the moderation option more often right now.

So… the Fishwrap closes its combox completely and spam attacks rise over here.

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