FSSP Diaconate

Deacon By Deacon.

His Mightiness, Most Rev. Robert C. Morlino, Bishop of the Diocese of Madison (aka “The Extraordinary Ordinary”), descended upon Nebraska recently to ordain men of the Fraternity of St. Peter to the holy diaconate.

Photos HERE.

Note… gloves, dalmatic, simple miter.

Switch to the precious miter later…

Congratulations to the new crop of deacons, ready to get to work soon for the New Evangelization.

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  1. Rose in NE says:

    I had the great privilege of attending this ordination. Bishop Morlino gave a great homily, too, reminding us to be joyful Catholics. In speaking with him briefly at the reception, he said that it was the older form of Mass that nourished his vocation.

    Pray for these young men that they will one day be good and holy priests.

  2. Geoffrey says:

    Quaeritur: Could a married man be ordained to the “permanent” diaconate, using the ritual of the Extraordinary Form?

  3. Geoffrey: I don’t see why not, though the scenario is unlikely.

    At this moment, use of the older Pontifical for ordinations is confined – wrongly, I believe – to those institutes which have exclusive use of the older forms (e.g., FSSP). They don’t have permanent deacons.

    I suppose a diocesan bishop could petition the Holy See for use of the older Pontificale Romanum for ordinations, even to the permanent diaconate, in his diocese. I can’t predict whether or not permission would be granted.

    That said, a deacon is a deacon is a deacon. Permanent deacons are not less deacony than transitional deacons, though there is usually a vast different in their preparation and formation.

  4. I’m curious about that too Geoffrey. Since the Diaconate is the same Order whether the ordination occurs in the OF, the EF, the Anglican Use, the Byzantine Rite, the Coptic Rite, etc, I can’t imagine why not.

  5. Ben Yanke says:

    The Extraordinary Ordinary strikes again.

  6. Ben Yanke says:

    It’s also great to see little details attended to, like using his own miter, with his coat of arms on the lappets.

  7. acardnal says:

    Happy, smiling deacons!

    A long time acquaintance of mine, Rev. Mr. Daniel Heenan, FSSP, was ordained a deacon last November by Archbishop Cordileone of San Francisco. I supported him financially for many years while he was in seminary. He will be ordained to the priesthood in Leesburg, Virginia for the FSSP in June 2014, God willing, by Bishop James Conley, ordinary of Lincoln, Nebraska. Please pray for him and the FSSP.

  8. Suzanne Carl says:

    I currently have a student in my University of Nebraska, Omaha, class who hopes to attend seminary in Denton, Nebraska. Please pray for him and all who are considering the priesthood! We used to have a jingle to promote the state, “Nebraska the good life, so much to give!”

  9. Andrew D says:

    The Fraternal Society of St. Peter is an order all of us who love and revere the Traditional Latin Mass should support in our prayers and if we can, financially. We need this order to grow and flourish here in the United States and they can’t do so without our support. I hope everyone who is looking at this website but has hostile feelings toward the Traditional Latin Mass (i.e. those who post messages on cathnewsusa and the NCR) will notice that this order of priests has vocations. The same can’t be said for orders that went modernist following Vatican II.

  10. HeatherPA says:

    We support the FSSP with a monthly donation. Our oldest son is discerning his vocation and, we pray, will be called by God to the priesthood, specifically the FSSP. The priests are amazing.

  11. Liz says:

    I think he quoted “a well known blogger” (“Save the Liturgy, Save the World”) in his sermon. I told him to say hello to Fr. Z. He was great. The mass was sublime and his sermon was inspiring. Plus, it’s a fabulous group of young men. All and all it was a wonderful day!

  12. jlmorrell says:

    Fr. Z:

    I could be mistaken, but I think the rite of ordination to the diaconate in the older form includes reference to the vow of celibacy. Of course, one of the biggest issues many tradition minded Catholics have with the permanent diaconate is the huge rupture with tradition that the lack of celibacy (or at least continence) represents in the Latin Church.

    That being said, wouldn’t the reference to celibacy in the older form be an issue when thinking about using it for the ordination of permanent deacons?


  13. Geoffrey says:

    “…wouldn’t the reference to celibacy in the older form be an issue when thinking about using it for the ordination of permanent deacons?”

    I was not familiar with the actual rite, but wondered if something like this existed in it…

  14. chantgirl says:

    Beautiful! We were pleasantly surprised with the good news that Cardinal Burke will be coming this summer to STL for ordinations at St. Francis de Sales Oratory for the Institute of Christ the King, Sovereign Priest. Good things are happening. I plan to bring my children to see the deacons ordained to the priesthood. Every boy should see the beauty of an ordination and ponder what his vocation might be.

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