¡Vaya lío! Great idea for diocesan New Evangelization!

Here is an encouraging “¡Vaya lío!” example.

You all know about, or ought to know about, the great Benedictine monks in Norcia, Italy.  Here is something from their web page:


[NB] The Bishop has asked the monks of Norcia to celebrate a series of solemn Masses in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite as part of his effort to expose the faithful of his diocese to the traditional form. The Bishop usually attends the Mass himself and sits in choir, thus giving a personal witness to the importance of this “treasure of the Church”, as Pope Benedict calls it.


The bishop has asked these monks to make the Extraordinary Form better known to people in the diocese entrusted to him.  Excellent.  This is, for sure, was Benedict XVI was thinking about when he gave us the provisions of Summorum Pontificum.

I hope that many other diocesan bishops take such initiative.

This is New Evangelization.

Fr. Z kudos to the Bp. of Foligno, Most Rev. Gualtiero Sigismondi.

¡Vaya lío!

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  1. James Joseph says:

    I see they are joined by Chiaro Luce Badano!

  2. Fr_Sotelo says:

    Wonderful news. “Hagan lío” (“go make a mess”) because “vaya lío” is “go away mess” and this is the sort of thing that we hope does not go away.

  3. Sieber says:

    A bishop who is obviously not a careerist.

  4. Gratias says:

    Hopefully more bishops will imitate Bp. Sigismondi. Hagan lío, siempre adelante.

    If Pope Francis wanted to be popular, attending the EF would be a great way. There will be Latin Mass at St. Peter’s in October so it would be really close to Casa Santa Marta.

    Happy Easter, everyone.

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