Day 16 – NYC: food and Farraday – POLL

Last night we enjoyed a meal at The Palm.

I am an Old Fashioned sort of guy.

Best crab thingie in the world!


Today we went to the Morgan Library. I’ll tell you about a silly exhibit later, but I got to see a letter of the scientist Farrady to Lewis Carroll, talking about electrical effects of fire from the sun! ominous.

Now around the corner to a favorite Chinese place.






More later.


Drinks at the Algonquin before supper.



I may post a poll later.


It’s later.



All three are Bombay Sapphire Martinis.

Left – lemon twist
Center – two olives
Right – two olives with blue cheese

Which of the three did Fr Z order?

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In the letter that I saw from Farraday to Carroll, on the possible effect of the Sun, Farraday wrote:

“It has not yet been clearly proved that the Sun does put a fire out – but such a power has been supposed to exist in actinic rays which the luminary sends forth.”



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  1. Ray says:

    My favorite drink also, Father. Best made for me with, Jim Beam. Prost!!

  2. Ray: An Old Fashioned is best made with Rye.

    Try Templeton.

  3. tealady24 says:

    Don’t you just the Morgan Library? I was there just before they renovated. Who could have that many books!

    That Old Fashioned looks scrumptious!

  4. Grabski says:

    Or the Monongahela classic, Old Overholt (now made in KY, sadly)

  5. mlmc says:

    your choice of beverage just confirms your impecable taste Fr Z. The only downside to loving old fashioneds is that many bartenders make them poorly. Can you get one in Rome?

  6. Scott W. says:

    Looks like some strange, wet cube-like things and a bizarre yellow semi-circular object fell into your drink.

  7. Dustin and Jamie P. says:

    Those dumplings look like what I had made by my Chinese neighbor’s parents a couple of nights ago. She couldn’t even tell me what some of the ingredients were because she didn’t know the English words. And to dip them in, some strange spicy stuff made by one of her friends. Pretty sure I caught glimpses of fish eyes and fins.

  8. lsclerkin says:

    Old Fashioned.
    Father, you must be greatly at-home in Wisconsin. :) :)

  9. Cathy says:

    A martini with blue cheese and olives! Never heard of it before, must try!

  10. Where can we find this kind of swanky place out west?

  11. Sword40 says:

    Welcome back, Father. Hope you had a wonderful trip.

  12. acardnal says:

    Bombay Sapphire (gin) Martini. Perfection!

    Fr Z, you may be interested in reading this new book on Farraday and Maxwell:

    lsclerkin, The Old Fashioneds in Wisconsin are typically made withbrandy. Wisconsin was once the number one consumer of brandy but recently fell to second place after Washington, D.C. Wisconsinites don’t drink it in snifters but in mixed drinks aka high balls.

  13. Ray says:

    Thank you for the tip, Father. I’ll look for a bottle of Templeton today.

  14. BigRed says:

    The King Cole Bar at the St. Regis is a place to hang out, drink your drink and gaze upon Maxfield Parrish’s newly restored King Cole mural.

  15. Cordelio says:

    I prefer a gin-ier gin for martinis than Bombay Sapphire. Hendricks is yummy, and I recently tried St. George (the red label, haven’t tried the blue or green – but would like to), which is even yummier but also pricier. For everyday value, Maxim’s is hard to beat.

    Of course, the vermouth makes the martini – and the best I’ve found is Dolin. Noilly Pratt is an acceptable substitute. Martini and Rossi is swill.

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