Fishwrap’s not-so-nice MSW calls for niceness

Most of what Michael Sean Winters posts at Fishwrap (aka National Schismatic Reporter) gets my yawn, but it’s Saturday and I have three free minutes.  HERE

If this isn’t a case of a pot saying “You’re black!” to the kettle, I don’t know what one would be.

People might instantly focus on MSW’s call for “niceness”.  People should be “nice”.  I guess that means schilling only for the Left.

And they are soooo good at being nice over at NSR, aren’t they? Leaving aside the “nice” people in Fishwrap’s combox, MSW himself perpetually calls people venomous (must read for a chuckle) and yahoos (in which he oozes “niceness”) and the like.  But I digress.

MSW criticizes some cardinals for fundraising for certain causes:

I would like to hear Cardinal Burke, Archbishop Vigneron and Bishop Paprocki use their next fundraising gala to reiterate the Blessed Mother’s words in the Magnificat about the rich being sent away empty.

Could we look up MSW’s sanctimonious comments aimed at his own publication when Conrad Hilton gave the Fishwrap $2.3 million?

I guess philanthropy to the Left excuses wealth.

And where does MSW get his history? What does MSW know about St. John Paul or Pope Benedict NOT applying can. 915? What about Card. Ratzinger’s 2004 letter to Card. McCarrick, that McCarrick didn’t bother to send around to the other bishops, and then, indeed, edited? Ratzinger cited can. 915 in that… I can’t remember… is that the paragraph that McCarrick cut out? I thought that, under John Paul and Benedict theologians were snuffed out like so much vermin. But, hey, I guess they are now nice Popes.

As opposed to mean-old Francis.

Former-Father Greg Reynolds is still excommunicated.

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  1. Mrs. Amen says:

    Hey! That’s my shepherd he’s talking about! Archbishop Vigneron is one of the best Bishops out there. He cares for our eternal souls and leads us steadfastly toward the Truth. My 5yo recognizes Archbishop Vigneron’s love for his flock. Even my father, a Protestant, has a profound respect for the Archbishop and admires him greatly. It is the Archbishop’s pastoral care that has led my father to investigate again the faith of his youth.

  2. mcferran says:

    The fact that other people might be uncharitable does not allow me to be uncharitable.

  3. benedetta says:

    Interesting, hadn’t read that by Ralph Martin, glad that Fishwrap brought it to light for us. Ralph Martin is quite correct, of course.

    Notice how dissenting ‘catholic’ writers NEVER, when writing about the possible application of the canon, ever say why a pro-death politician is someone being discussed as one who may benefit from temporarily refraining from receiving communion for the good of their own souls when a source of scandal towards others. It’s always “deny communion” as if in a vacuum. They want people to read that and automatically, propaganda like think, “for no reason at all” which is preposterous. It’s always all about the premise that legitimate authority over our spiritual well being, if it exists, ought not to. And yet these very same are often quite rigorous in the application of blind loyalty to structures to which they are beholden. For instance, if a Fishwrap writer were to come into the, er, newsroom, and say, Right, we are a Catholic publication…let’s examine in depth why the Democratic Party prohibits prolife from existing? Is that not an exercise of authority when the guillotine comes down on that trial balloon?

    And other things…

    I personally don’t love the idea of having to have a Bishop or hierarch of the Church have to be compelled to apply this canon, at all. However, the scandal these public figures create in supporting expanded abortion which is torture and death of a human being is so great it cannot be quantified. I also think, when we are looking at places in the world where the rate of abortion has become, a genocide, an absurdity, etc., then, we have to consider whether standing up for the young people who have been permitted to live after all this by saying “We do not believe you should have to accept this evil which happened, has happened, is happening, to your peers because of people who purport to serve the public, we agree that it is unjust” is the way to go.

  4. Kathleen10 says:

    There is nothing uncharitable in pointing out error. Mr. Winters has demonstrated a common one, that being “nice” is more important than being truthful. I’m not exactly sure he is saying that, but he indicates that niceness would be better than imparting the Gospel. He states that to bring attention to the hard sayings of scripture is to focus on the “miserable” parts. He, like many, prefer only the “joyful” parts. This is a common worldly opinion. In many circles, to discuss anything but sunshine or butterflies is to be Debbie or Donald Downer, and that is a criticism nobody wants. “Positivity”, we’re all supposed to have it and demonstrate it at all times please. It’s an unspoken cultural value, so to Mr. Winters, to share the hard sayings is, well, boorish. Keep it light and everyone will be edified on their way to hell. Maybe not edified. Cheerful.
    The criticism of the wealth of cardinals or the Vatican, the Pope, the Church, is so tired, especially since we should all know that Catholic Charities, in the US, is second only to the US government in regards to providing help and services to people in need. How could the church possibly provide the level of on the ground help to so many people if she did not have the material means to do it? I don’t get people who say such things at all. What would they have, Solo cup chalices and paper plate patens? Would this satisfy them?

  5. LeeF says:

    Just more fuzzy thinking from a fuzzy thinker and and an intellectually dishonest hack. If he had any theological studies he slept through logic and the importance of truth. He mastered dishonest rhetoric though.

    (Oops! That wasn’t “nice” was it?)

  6. Hidden One says:

    mcferran is right. 1 Corinthians 16:14.

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