Venice Day 8 – Of Moses and Sardines

This morning I said Mass for us at San Moisè, which is convenient for the hotel. The sacristan is wonderful. He is as helpful and friendly as (most) Roman sacristan are… not. He was also interested in the older, traditional for of Mass, and stayed to participate.

Our altar, with a Tintorretto.



Tomorrow is the Feast of St Athanasius, whose body is here in Venice. I will stop at the church later to see if I can have his altar for Mass sometime during the day.

Meanwhile, here is a great food arrangement I saw.




A cruise ship was passing by S M della Salute.

For lunch I started with Sarde in saor. Yum.




A visit to S M del Rosario… once a Dominican church, decorated by Tiepolo and Jacopo Tintoretto.

This is magnificent.



This would be in an illustrated dictionary under “piety”.

Then to the Accademia.




Some power sitting and a Campari.



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4 Responses to Venice Day 8 – Of Moses and Sardines

  1. Bea says:

    My husband looked at the picture of your drink and wondered: “Is that a Shirley Temple?”
    He appears to have the same taste as you, with the menu you posted.
    Me, I’m a steak and potatoes fan, preferable grilled ala Southwest Mesquite grill.

  2. Phil_NL says:

    I didn’t know Saint Athanasius’body was in Venice. Though when you go about “robbing” Saint Marc’s body, I guess there would be room for more ;)

    Joking aside, on his feast day and at his altar – would that be an opportune moment for the Athanasian Creed?

  3. Father G says:


    In the Chiesa di San Zaccaria in Venice, not only will you find the relics of Saint Athanasius but also the relics of Saint Zachary, the father of John the Baptist.

    You can see a photo of these relics from a previous visit to Venice by Father Z:

  4. Supertradmum says:

    Love Campari on ice and what great photos. Thanks for sharing…sigh. Can I carry your luggage next time?

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