My View For Awhile

Off I go for another adventure.


I awoke to the sounds of thunder and a civil defense siren last night. I see that there was a tornado somewhere. I have yet to learn the details.

I am aware that a town in Nebraska was hard hit yesterday. Once again, dear readers, do some prep and go to confession. It is always some else’s turn … until it is yours.

UPDATE (waiting for the doors to close):

I had an email, already, asking whether my adventure involved a dragon in a lonely mountain.

Fishwrapers would think so. In fact, they’d skip waaaay ahead and say I was going into Mordor itself.

Acton Institute’s big summer conference.

But…. no, that analogy doesn’t work. I would then be the good guy.


Dodging weather, so far. Now in beautiful Detroit, a case study for the need for free and virtuous enterprise marketers.


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  1. AgricolaDeHammo says:

    Sounds good Father! I’d like to hear more about the economics angle of what you’ve been up to.

  2. Jon says:

    Flew in and out of Central Wisconsin Airport last week, as I had business in Wisconsin Rapids. I looked for the sign reading “Soon to be renamed John T. Zuhlsdorf Aerodrome” or some such thing, but didn’t find it much to my disappointment.

    What kind of Chamber of Commerce doesn’t capitalize on its most famous customer? Ingrates!

  3. yatzer says:

    Detroit itself is a mess, but I’ve always found the airport to be a good experience.

  4. Nicholas says:

    That backpack looks really cool, Father. Where did you get it, I might ask my dad for one for my birthday.

    [You can find the pack HERE. It is durable. Not perfectly waterproof, but not bad so long as you are not in a total downpour for a long time. I also have these to help wrangle the straps. HERE]

  5. JustaSinner says:

    Detroit still has an airport? I would’ve figured it would’ve been repossessed by now…

  6. Diane says:

    There was what they think was a tornado touching down in Verona and southwest Madison last night. Alot of trees down, 19 homes uninhabitable, power outages. They’re predicting more for tonight and possibly tomorrow also. Stay safe father.

  7. Siculum says:

    That’s a very [Church-] militant-looking backpack. Cool gear.

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