High School blocks “conservative” sites (Vatican, GOP, NRA) but allows “liberal” (Dems, PParenthood)

What is going on in the school where you send your children?

This is, at the same time, appalling and not in the least surprising.

From The Blaze:

High School Student Says He Uncovered Something ‘Appalling’ When He Tried to Access NRA Website, TheBlaze, Others

While conducting an Internet search for his classroom debate on gun control, Andrew Lampart’s attempts to access some websites on his school computer were unsuccessful.

To start with, the senior at Nonnewaug High School in Woodbury, Connecticut, said he couldn’t access the National Rifle Association’s website.

“So, I went over to the other side,” the 18-year-old told WTIC-TV in Hartford. “And I went over on sites such as Moms Demand Action or Newtown Action Alliance and I could get on these websites but not the others.”

Lampart investigated further — what about his state’s political parties?

“I immediately found out that the State Democrat website was unblocked but the State GOP website was blocked,” he told WTIC.

Lampart said he tried websites focusing on abortion issues and religion — and what was seeming like a trend continued.

National Right to Life’s site? Blocked. Sites for Planned Parenthood and Pro-Choice America? Accessible. Christianity.com and the Vatican’s website? Blocked. But Islam-guide.com? Accessible. Lampart provided WTIC screen printouts of blocked and unblocked sites.


They also block the Vatican’s website!

Read the rest there.

Here is a video story:

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  1. wmeyer says:

    I’m shocked, shocked, I tell you!

    Who would ever believe that state-run schools would be selective in blocking websites with opinions opposed to their own.

  2. Papabile says:

    Meanwhile, I believe the Connecticut Public School Librarian association made a big deal just a few years ago over the availability of porn on their computers. They wanted to make sure it wasn’t blocked.

  3. mrshopey says:

    Our local library had something that was blocking sites, like WDTPRS and other blogs I frequent. After speaking with the head librarian, I found how to get it added as acceptable list – not blocked. I don’t remember the news sites being blocked, either side (consider local newspaper as liberal as they get).
    I hope he gets this resolved.

  4. incredulous says:

    Why do we let “liberals” get away with this stuff? How is it that they walk around in their righteousness while condemning conservatives? They are fascists, clearly, with zero tolerance for dissenting views. But what’s even worse is that the Church itself seems like it’s afflicted with the Stockholm Syndrome. The leftist/fascists/progressives have waged war on the church as the recent court activity shows and as this small example that the polluted and perverted mindset of some petty dictator at a high school shows. Yet we, as Catholics, reelect Obama. At a Jesuit university, we cover up our Lord so we can worship the False God Obama. Many of the northeast leftists bishops are such DNC suck ups it’s beyond all imagination.

    What they don’t seem to get, if you want an example of the misery, destruction of lives, resources and national productivity that follows a pure Catholic model, one simply needs to look at the Communion-Receiving-In-Front-Of-The-Pope MURDEROUS DICTATOR, Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe. He is a “devout” Catholic, Marist and Jesuit trained who was touted as the leader who would provide his people with “Marxism with Compassion.”

    All the Catholic leadership who provide justification and support for Marxism will burn in hell for the shear hell on earth they’ve made places with their tyranny. Even Zimbabwe’s Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, a black African, had a picture of the dissident racist dictator Ian Smith over the reception desk at one of his hotels in Zims because “we were better off under Smith than Mugabe.” He survived a few assassination attempts by Mugabe’s murderous regime.

    How can Catholic leaders be so callous to the misery their failed Marxist beliefs lead to? Apparently, they are so proud of their ideology and so committed to it, they really don’t care about the true consequences.

    This garbage is coming to a country near you real soon as this Marxist/Democratic cadre will get stronger as we let all these poor souls (mainly Catholic) from the third world in here. Never mind, these are the same Catholics who believe that abortion is a blessing from Jesus Christ himself.

    It’s gut wrenching to think about.

  5. Sonshine135 says:

    Todd Starnes reported something similar to this in the Spring, though I am having trouble finding the article. That time, it was at a college. It doesn’t surprise me as a parent that schools are doing this. As we saw earlier this year with the Catholic High School debacle over Sister Jane’s remarks on homosexuality, Catholic schools aren’t even immune. Indoctrination at public schools is 1000 times worse. Homeschooling is about to become your only option. It is difficult, but rewarding. I pray for all of you with children in public schools. If your children show any outward signs of Catholicity, they will be chastised and ridiculed.

  6. Doug R says:

    As an IT professional, (and without knowing more specifics), my guess is that this doesn’t represent the policy of the school, but rather the personal predjudices of somebody on their IT staff. Depending on the size of the school, that IT staff may even be a technology teacher.

    Based on other IT policies I’ve seen, the school’s policy probably prohibits accessing porn and hate-speech sites, with maybe a few other categories thrown in for good measure. In all likelihood, it does not prohibit specific sites (i.e., the Vatican). It’s generally up to the IT staff to determine what fits into those categories. If they use a commercial product like NetSense for their blocking, it may have been as simple as turning on that one category (which may even have been done inadvertently).

    If the student brings this issue to the attention of the school administration, it will likely be resolved and somebody possibly even fired (if intentional).

  7. mysticalrose says:


    I actually am shocked. I don’t have any love for the public school system and I didn’t think that I was particularly naive about some of the dreadful things that go in schools these days. Still, this really does surprise me.

  8. Southern Baron says:

    A couple of years ago I was doing history research in the UK National Archives at Kew and needed to make an appointment to visit the Jesuit archives. I was unable to find their contact information because the NA wifi blocked the British Province site as “traditional religion.” My horror quickly turned to curiosity. Anglican sites were blocked for the same reason. I broadened the scope. Scientology websites were blocked as “cults.”

    At least they were equal opportunity, unlike the school in question, but the assumptions about what a researcher would reasonably need to access while working at the NA were stunning.

  9. wmeyer says:

    mysticalrose, If you will read the theories of John Dewey, and observe how they have been applied, you will find that the blocking of these sites is entirely consistent with the overall plan. Sadly, Dewey’s influence has found its way into Catholic schools, as well, though it took longer, and has proceeded more slowly.

  10. wanda says:

    Kudos to this very sharp young man. He didn’t make this discovery and just let it drop. It takes courage to push forward with follow up and questions. Good on you young man, I’d say your future is very bright.

  11. DisturbedMary says:

    Fallout from the homosexualizing of hate (bullying included!). Once hate equals porn, we’ve voluntarily jumped into the frying pan. Traditional values are the hateful values of the past. Here we see what we have wrought in its most devilish expression.

  12. I wouldn’t expect any less from a Connecticut Reeducation Camp.

  13. Kathleen10 says:

    Connecticut is liberal Democrat run. We have an aggressively liberal legislature, run by openly gay Michael Lawlor and Andrew McDonald. These are the same guys who a few years ago tried to take over the local Catholic churches, literally. They wanted the Catholic churches to be run by “a board”. It took significant effort by the people in the form of rallies at the State House to end that effort.
    Public schools and leftist groups go hand in hand. I work for public schools, and I get the propaganda that comes from the unions. If you want to see why schools would be leftist just take a look at the union materials. They are probably online. They are leftist and Democrat in a most straightforward way! There is no room for the GOP except as labeled “right wing” and portrayed negatively. There is no illusion of neutrality. The unspoken law in public schools is to hide any GOP or traditional ideas or affiliations, and toadies can put their big Obama stickers or left wing causes on their vehicles with pride. Don’t worry, teachers get it. Librarians are often the biggest proponents of liberal causes and they often do promote access to pornography in their weird, genteel manner, which is bizarre. Apparently even librarians want to protect their own positions rather than protect children from the harm of pornography. People literally whisper if they support a conservative cause. There are some. People often think Latinos are all liberals. Not so.
    Our public school climates are openly leftist and administrators, teachers, etc., all know it. It is a given and nobody questions it openly. This incident is no surprise to me and I’d be surprised if this didn’t exist over all our state and states like Massachusetts too. It is no surprise that what liberals can’t argue and win they simply eliminate. Our media just does not cover what it doesn’t want the public to know. This is the liberal’s MO.

  14. John V says:

    I noticed that this story is three weeks old. I daresay if this had happened at a school in Texas and the blocked sites were from Planned Parenthood, the Democratic Party, etc., it would immediately have run the 24-hour CNN news cycle for days, and Facebook, Twitter, and all the social media would have been saturated with “outrage”.

  15. Athelstan says:

    Fortunately, both of Connecticut’s senators have come out with a joint bipartisan condemnation of this policy. Which means it is probably going to be fixed shortly. Not worth the embarrassment to the school district, which likely didn’t officially authorize it – more likely some progressive hack in the school IT department thought it would be good sport.

    U.S. Senator and Connecticut Democrat Chris Murphy teamed up with Republican State Senator Rob Kane in a rare bipartisan news conference promoting open political dialogue in Connecticut’s schools, Monday.

    “The internet access for our high school individuals and beyond, should not be limited, should not be biased in any way. It should be open,” Kane told a group of politically active students.

    The gathering came on the heels of a discovery by Woodbury high school senior, Andrew Lampart. Lampart claimed to have been blocked from viewing some conservative political web sites by the firewall at Nonnewaug High School. He was not, however, prevented from viewing some liberal websites.

    Fox Connecticut learned that Woodbury’s school system chose to block students from viewing “political and advocacy” websites. Murphy and Kane questioned whether political content should be blocked from schools at all.

    “Frankly, students shouldn’t be blocking student’s access to political and advocacy websites. They should be encouraging students to gain access,” Murphy said.

    Read more: http://foxct.com/2014/06/30/murphy-reacts-to-woodbury-website-bias-claims-calls-for-more-access-for-students/#ixzz36tWwKAFA

  16. Frank_Bearer says:

    The Hegelian dialectic at work…

    We argue about liberal vs conservative and end up settling for “free speech” which is liberalism’s sacrament and a heresy.

  17. OrthodoxChick says:

    Kathleen10 is correct. This is ho-hum, par for the course in CT, RI, & MA – sadly. At the risk of turning blue (pun intended) I won’t be holding my breath that this will be resolved.

  18. Bob B. says:

    I once had a principal instruct me to take Fr. Z’s link (et al) off the reference page I had for my students – they were “too conservative.” The only “Catholic” link I was allowed to have was the USCCB’s and this from a Catholic school!

  19. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Free speech is a Catholic and Biblical value. See “parrhesia” in Acts 4:13. Like many good things, it is misused by progs but remains good in its intended form.

  20. Tom A. says:

    I have two of my four children in that school. The administration was all apologetic but it gors to show you how far this country has fallen. This is a conservative part of the state but every year you can see the culture rot eating away at s

  21. Tom A. says:

    ….eating away at society. Its a shame that our small town has made national news in this Orwellian manner. On the plus side we have a weekly EF mass at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in nearby Waterbury!!!

  22. The Cobbler says:

    I suppose it all depends how you define “freedom of speech”, doesn’t it?

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