INTERNET PRAYER: DANISH – UPDATED (with a note about Klingon)

I was happy to receive a note from a reader in Denmark that the new legendary Internet Prayer has been adopted into a prayerbook of the Catholic Diocese of Copenhagen, published last year. The version is a little different from the Danish I had posted, and so I updated the A prayer before connecting to the internet page with the new, approved text.

Here is the new version, so that you may immediately cease reciting it in the obsolete Danish version and now use the current text!

Bøn før søgning på internettet

Almægtige evige Gud,
som skabte os i dit billede
og bød os at søge alt godt, sandt og smukt,
særligt i din enbårne Søns, vor Herre Jesu Kristi
guddommelige person.
Vi beder dig på den hellige biskop
og kirkelærer Isidors forbøn,
at du, når vi surfer på internettet,
vil lade os rette vort øje og vores hånd mod det,
som er dig velbehageligt,
og behandle alle, vi møder,
med kærlighed og tålmodighed.
Ved Kristus vor Herre.

From: Bønnebog for den Katolske Kirke, Ansgarstiftelsens forlag 2013

New readers here may not know that this prayer, which I wrote a zillion years ago now, has been put into many languages. I have gathered all that I have found onto one page. Some translations have been given approval by bishops, and some have been offered by people of good will. For example, I haven’t yet been able to obtain ecclesiastical approval for the Klingon version. Check it out. HERE

I welcome new language versions, especially with an audio recording, preferably by a native speaker (again problematic in the case of Klingon).

Does anyone know someone who could read the Klingon for us?

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  1. Nan says:

    Oh, my camp counselor, who was himself a linguist for the gov’t for many years, was one of the people who worked on the Klingon dictionary but has since died. [And, thus, not much help.] Have you contacted the Klingon Language Institute people? One of their projects is to translate the Bible although I know not what version.

  2. J_Cathelineau says:

    I would like to say that im not quite happy with the Spanish version when it says ” todo lo que es bueno, verdadero y HERMOSO”.
    Hermoso is not an accurate translation of “pulchrum”, the right term should be “bello”, same as it is in italian (bello), or portuguese (belo). Even technically, as the Trascendentals of Being (Unum, Bonum, Verum, Pulchrum), the right term, traditionally, is Bello for Pulchrum.

    Hermoso is more like “Nice”, or “Cute”, or “pretty”. Not exactly because hermoso has more majesty, but i think that the right, accurate and exact term should be “Bello”.
    Please don´t take my opinion for sure, maybe the one that have translated to Spanish has a reason for choosing that term.

  3. The Masked Chicken says:

    “Have you contacted the Klingon Language Institute people? One of their projects is to translate the Bible although I know not what version.”

    It was the KJV [King James Version to Klingon Jehovah Edition :)]

    I used their translation concordance of the Bible, in part, for the Klingon translation. Klingon has only 3000 words in its corpus, so some concepts have to be approximated. They did not even have a word for God until recently, Maybe, I will send the KLI a note to see if they can tighten the translation or even produce an audio recording. Chickens don’t really exist on Qo’noS and from what I can determine, there are only 12 people in the world who are fluent speakers of Klingon. Even the linguist who created the language (Marc Okrand) is not fluent in it.

    Here is a link to software for translating Klingon:

    Here is a link to the partial translation of the Bible:

    The Chicken

  4. Perhaps someone should contact Christopher Plummer? After all, he did recite Shakespeare in the original Klingon.

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