ISIS terrorists call all Muslims next to “conquer Rome”

ISIS leader Abut Bakr Al-Husayni al-Qurashi al-Baghdadi, days after announcing the formation of an Islamic caliphate in Syria-Iraq, announced that Rome must be conquered.

We let him go, by the way.  Guess whose administration did that.

I saw this at The Telegraph:

Rome will be conquered next, says leader of Islamic State
Muslims have been called to flock to the Islamic State to gather for a battle against non-believers throughout the world

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the self-proclaimed leader of the Islamic State stretching across Iraq and Syria, has vowed to lead the conquest of Rome as he called on Muslims to immigrate to his new land to fight under its banner around the globe.
Baghdadi, who holds a PhD in Islamic studies, said Muslims were being targetted and killed from China to Indonesia. Speaking as the first Caliph, or commander of the Islamic faithful since the dissolution of the Ottoman empire, he called on Muslims to rally to his pan-Islamic state.
“Those who can immigrate to the Islamic State should immigrate, as immigration to the house of Islam is a duty,” he said in an audio recording released on a website used by the group formerly known as the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham.
Rush O Muslims to your state. It is your state. Syria is not for Syrians and Iraq is not for Iraqis. The land is for the Muslims, all Muslims.
“This is my advice to you. If you hold to it you will conquer Rome and own the world, if Allah wills.
Having claimed the title of “caliph”, Baghdadi appealed to “judges and those who have military and managerial and service skills, and doctors and engineers in all fields.”
He also called on jihadi fighters to escalate fighting in the holy month of Ramadan, which began on Sunday. “In this virtuous month or in any other month, there is no deed better than jihad in the path of Allah, so take advantage of this opportunity and walk the path of you righteous predecessors,” he said. “So to arms, to arms, soldiers of the Islamic s, fight, fight.


As I read this, it is the Feast of the Precious Blood of the Lord.  The first antiphon for Vespers this evening is:

Ant. Quis est iste * qui venit de Edom, tinctis vestibus de Bosra? iste formosus in stola sua.

Ant. Who is this that * cometh from Edom, with dyed garments from Bosra? this, that is glorious in His apparel?

And the second antiphon:

Ant. Ego * qui loquor iustitiam, et propugnator sum ad salvandum.

Ant. I * that speak righteousness, and a warrior am I, for to save.

Festivis resonent compita vocibus

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  1. wmeyer says:

    Oh, yes, the religion of peace. So glad Obama knows better than we do.

  2. Moro says:

    A Good Friday prayer for the conversion of all Muslims and a votive mass for the same intention are two liturgical changes I would welcome whole heartedly.

  3. ck says:

    And these are the people that John McCain is asking us to indirectly support in Syria against the Shia regime there. When will we stop enabling Mordor (i.e. Saudi Arabia) in its Wahibbi domination of the region that includes the destruction of the remaining Christian pockets in the Middle East. I was never convinced of going to war in Iraq, but I could be convinced in a Just War defending Christianity against the Saudis.

  4. Jitpring says:

    “May St. John the Baptist protect Islam.”


  5. Kathleen10 says:

    One side openly expresses their intent to conquer, subjugate, or kill their enemy, as they have stated for generations and have proved in a multitude of barbaric acts.
    The other side must not say there is an enemy, must deny there is any intention against them, and continues to import the first into it’s geographic location, smiling all the while in anticipation of “learning about each one’s religion”.
    Which side is in trouble.

  6. Laura R. says:

    Wait a minute, I thought the United States and western secularism were what the Islamist radicals hate so much. Why aren’t they going after Washington again or London or Tokyo? It looks like the reality is something else — that it’s Jesus Christ and His vicar on earth whom they really fear and hate. Interesting too that it’s not Constantinople or — where else? Canterbury? Geneva? where they’ve set their sights. Evidently the only real target for them is Rome.

  7. Laura R. says:

    Or for that matter, wouldn’t Jerusalem be the main target?

  8. Lynn Diane says:

    How can Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi be caliph? The caliph must have Mohammed’s flag and sword, which are under military armed guard 24/7 in Topkapi museum in Istanbul. Turkey is VERY unlikely to give them up. As to taking Rome, the Koran predicted that Byzantium and Rome would fall to a Moslem conqueror. The Ottoman sultan, Mehmet the Conqueror, took Byzantium in 1054 so, ever since, Moslems have been waiting for another conqueror to take Rome.

  9. Bosco says:

    We’re gonna need all those excommunicated mafiosi!

  10. Lynn Diane says:

    Sorry! wrong date – I should have written 1453, not 1054.

  11. Spade says:

    Eh, the last time they got frisky we beat them so badly they’re still crying about it. Even the times we lost.

    Speaking of which, somebody really needs to make a Vatican flag velcro patch in mulitcam or OD/desert tan/etc.

  12. Elizabeth D says:

    So grandiose it is difficult to see how other Muslims could put up with him.

  13. Joseph-Mary says:

    In years past the Holy Father could call for a rosary campaign but how many true Catholics are left to pray it?

  14. Peg Demetris says:

    My meh – comment is not boredom with this post Father Z . I just trust everything to our Lord. We know who wins.

  15. rdschreiner says:

    In persecutione extrema S.R.E. sedebit.
    Petrus Romanus, qui pascet oves in multis tribulationibus, quibus transactis civitas septicollis diruetur, & judex tremendus judicabit populum suum. Finis.

  16. iudicame says:

    But could we imagine this lot infiltrating Italy in small numbers? Until their cells are collectively battalions? And shooting RPGs and arrows at a bishop dressed in white? Is this more than my imagination?


  17. “So to arms, to arms, soldiers of [Islam], fight, fight.”

    To that, I say:

    Deus vult.

    I pray for a Pope who is competent to deal with this growing threat.

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  19. Jitpring says:

    “[O]ur impious and ruthless enemy the Turk [i.e., Muslims] was never at rest…. [T]he Turk, our cruel and perpetual enemy….”

    -Pope Paul III, Council of Trent, Bull of Indiction


    “The Church regards with esteem also the Moslems….”

    -Second Vatican Council, Nostra Aetate, 4

    “The Church’s relationship with the Muslims: ‘The plan of salvation also includes those who acknowledge the Creator, in the first place amongst whom are the Muslims; these profess to hold the faith of Abraham, and together with us they adore the one, merciful God, mankind’s judge on the last day.'”

    -Catechism of the Catholic Church, paragraph 841

    “May Saint John Baptist protect Islam….”

    -Pope John Paul II, Visit to Wadi Al-Kharrar, Prayer of the Holy Father, Tuesday, 21 March 2000

    So don’t worry about it, friends!

  20. Priam1184 says:

    I’ve said this before and I will say it again: Every Catholic needs to take it for granted that each and every Muslim worth his salt wants to take St. Peter’s Basilica and turn it into mosque like Mehmet II did to the Hagia Sophia 561 years ago. Whether any on them think they will actually see it happen in their lifetimes or whether this man has a real plan to accomplish this is irrelevant; they still want it to happen. Despite their obsession with the Jews since 1948 the prime enemy of Islam, and its only obstacle to world domination, remains the Catholic Church. And it should be so since is Islam itself is founded on what is merely a mutilated form of Catholic teaching filtered through Arianism and the tribal paganism of the Arabs; the lie cannot tolerate Truth staring it in the face every day so it must attack and seek to destroy it. If any of our leaders (and it has to be them since they are the ones in position to do so) ever decide to start actually doing their job again and preach the Catholic Church and Catholic Teaching as what it is, the totality of Truth in the world and the only road to salvation, then we might have a chance of dealing with this guys. Until then it will be a hard slog. O for a pope and a band of bishops who would first believe in and then preach the unvarnished Truth; people would flock to them in droves if they did that.

  21. jbryant says:

    Now where did I put that “Coexist” bumper sticker

  22. Johnno says:

    Shouldn’t be too hard for them. Just register for an ecumenical prayer session and prepare to be welcomed on a red carpet through the front door. One of their Imam’s recently already set the groundwork by painting a target at the last inter-faith prayer meeting.

    So shall we consecrate Russia now? Or shall we wait until the visions of the Pope fleeing Rome over the bodies of the faithful and dying at the foot of the cross after a nation or two near you gets annihilated come true?

    Where is all that World Peace that our glorious world consecrations promised us? Was Our Lady lying or being hyperbolic? Must ‘peace’ be reinterpreted through a specific orthopraxis of modernity? I guess we shall only have peace so long as we acknowledge Allah as being the equal and same as Our Lord, that fourth person of the Tetrinity that St. Augustine forgot to expound upon, but what does he know? He was just constrained by the knowledge and prejudices of his time and didn’t yet come to know the glorious new discovery of that Mohammedan faith! Happy Ramadan everyone!

  23. marcelus says:


  24. marcelus says:

    Crusade? Tired of Islam

  25. Nancy D. says:

    No doubt, Pope John Paul II, at that moment, was under some type of man made spell. What harm would it do if our Holy Father, and those bishops who are in communion with him, consecrate Russia to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart and honor Our Lady’s request entirely, including the First Saturday devotion? Only Good can come from that. What is needed in this period of Time in our Salvational History is a Miracle; every Miracle requires an act of Faith.

  26. marcelus says:

    “Speaking of which, somebody really needs to make a Vatican flag velcro patch in mulitcam or OD/desert tan/etc.”

    Absolutely!!. That’s the way it’ll go finally

    i’ve seen their videos. somehow this must come to an end.

  27. St Donatus says:

    I was so surprised that the main stream media hasn’t mentioned the fact that it was President Obama that released this man. I would think it would be a scandal, especially since they just released another violent anti-Christian Islamic leaders.

    Oh, how silly of me, I forgot, the main stream media can only advertise the wrong doing of Republicans and Christians and NEVER NEVER anything bad against their leader, President Obama.

    Does anyone else wonder why the main stream media hates the USA and it’s traditional Christian values so much. But don’t worry, through the power of advertising, slowly but surely they are turning the USA into a pagan, Christian hating, sin loving country. Then only when the USA is solidly in the hands of Satan will they see a need to protect from the Muslim threat.

  28. iPadre says:

    Venerable Fulton Sheen said that Our Lady will bring about the conversion of the Muslims.

    “In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me, and it will be converted and a certain period of peace will be granted to the world.” The Blessed Virgin Mary

    Has Russia converted? Have we the west been perverted? Consecration is the answer – consecration of one and all!

  29. Magash says:

    I have believed for quite awhile that the empty philosophy of the secular west will not be able to stand against Islam in the long run. Eventually in the war of attrition it is will more than resources that win the day. Secularists who believe in nothing lack the will for the kinds of sacrifice necessary for victory in a protracted war of attrition. They (the secular progressives) are busy hollowing out the military of the United States by ensuring the strong moral fiber of that organization is falling to political correctness and sexual immorality. When the time comes for them to fight the Islamic seekers of world domination they will not have the heart for it.
    Fortunately I also don’t believe things are completely bleak. Like dross, burned off gold, when the progressive secularist nations fall they will leave behind the core of the religious that have not bought into the progressive lie. But I don’t believe the real defense of the west can occur until after that has happened. Then I will look for Leopold’s successor to appear and for miracles to happen. Once I would have excepted America to have ridden to the defense of Rome, as did Poland to Vienna. I think it much more likely defense will come from South America or even Russia or Poland again than from what will be left of the United States.

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  31. Priam1184 says:

    @marcelus It will end. I probably won’t see it in my lifetime. But it will end. If the Father had the power to raise Jesus Christ from the dead then whole peoples can be raised from the dead as well. It will end with their conversion. While I don’t discount the legitimate use of arms to defend oneself and one’s country it isn’t healthy to rely overly much on them. History bears witness time and again to this fact. The Church must start preaching the unvarnished Truth once again and not stop until our Lord Himself comes to judge the living and the dead.

  32. Nicholas says:

    We have a Swiss Guard for a reason, and it is not for pictures!

    Perhaps it should be made larger?

  33. av8er says:

    I wear a St. Michael patch on my flight suit but would alternate with a desert Vatican flag in a heartbeat.

  34. cpaulitz says:

    Everyone should realize that he does NOT mean Rome, the Eternal City!

    By “Rome” he is referring to the Roman Empire, it’s just a moniker for the West,
    or even the former Muslim lands in the Balkans.

    Don’t freak out and think the pope is coming under attack.

  35. Uxixu says:

    I already have a Jerusalem Cross patch in desert scheme as well as my favorite Pork Eating Crusader patch in Arid:

  36. Frank_Bearer says:

    We Christians joyfully recognize the religious values we have in common with Islam. Today I would like to repeat what I said to young Muslims some years ago in Casablanca: “We believe in the same God, the one God, the living God, the God who created the world and brings his creatures to their perfection”

    May St. John Baptist Protect Islam

    Pope St. John Paul II

  37. Jitpring says:

    The Muslims smell weakness. Sadly, Pope Francis won’t prove them wrong. Are you confused by the endless stream of scandal coming from Pope Francis? Please understood that Pope Francis is a revolutionary, fully processed by the Hippie Council Revolution, a.k.a. the Judas Council Revolution, a.k.a. the Second Vatican Council of 1962-65.

    Consciously or not, he practices and preaches a new religion. The novelties of this new religion include, but are not limited to, a new council (one of a predominantly pastoral character, designed to place the Church in tune with the world rather than to? convert the world), a new ecumenism (an ecumenism of convergence, jettisoning? the old ecumenism of return), a new ecumenical worship service (fabricated by a ?Freemason in consultation with six Protestant ministers), a correspondingly new? conception of the priesthood (the priest as mere presider), a new ecclesiology ?(democratized, rule from the bottom up), a new kind of incense (“the smoke? of Satan having penetrated through some fissure in the sanctuary” as Pope Paul VI admitted), new pan-religious events (as at the scandals of Assisi, placing the Pope on the same level as voodoo con-artists and affirming every kind of heathen and heretic in their errors), a new cult of youth (as shown at the ridiculous World Youth Days and the absurd YOUCAT), a new brand of papacy (the celebrity papacy, about winning the applause of the world and spreading the new gospel of universal salvation), a new code of canon law, new standards of canonization (low, loose, inclusive), a new catechism (fully in line with?the new “Spirit of the Council” and its “New Springtime,” and animated by the “New Pentecost” of the new council), yet another new kind of papacy (that of the militantly miserablist and hip Pope Francis the Groovy himself, he of the self-described “emancipated formation,” contrasted with the traditional formation of clerics of old). ??

    Because of the confusion engendered by this Judas Council and the post-conciliar popes, I offer the following short reading program:??

    1) The Errors of Vatican II – Si Si No No – Catholic Family News

    ??2) The Inside Story of Vatican II [formerly titled: The Rhine Flows into the Tiber: A History of Vatican II], by Rev. Fr. Ralph Wiltgen

    3) The Catechism of the Crisis in the Church, by Rev. Matthias Gaudron

    ??4) Iota Unum: A Study of Changes in the Catholic Church in the Twentieth Century, by Romano Amerio

    5) The Second Vatican Council – An Unwritten Story, by Professor Roberto de Mattei

    Also see the following on Youtube:

    Vatican II Wreckage, playlist

    For those under the popular but radically erroneous impression that Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI were conservatives rather than Judas Council revolutionaries, search the internet for these essays:

    The Secret of Pope John Paul II’s Success, by John Vennari


    The Oath Against Modernism vs. the “Hermeneutic of Continuity,” by John Vennari

    Finally, for a devastating series on the scandalous papacy of Pope Francis the Groovy, see:

    The Francis Effect: A Gathering Storm, by Christopher Ferrara

  38. Jitpring says:

    Apologies for the random question marks in my last post. I didn’t put them there.

  39. NBW says:

    @Jitpring: I agree that the Muslims smell weakness. If we put a strong effort in prayer, fasting and saying the Rosary, God will listen and things will get done.

  40. Jitpring says:

    I sure hope so, NBW!

  41. Clinton R. says:

    I agree with everything you say, Jitspring. Thanks to the ‘spirit’ of Vatican II, we now should have great esteem for this false religion known as Islam. Sadly, the watering down of Catholic doctrine has lead to the kowtowing to the Mohammedans and they are taking over parishes without a drop of blood being shed in the US. And can anyone explain why St. Pope John Paul II offered this prayer of John the Baptist’s ‘protection’ of Islam?

  42. Jitpring says:

    Hi Clinton, I’d say that it’s not just the wretched “spirit” of Vatican II that’s behind the suicidal rot in the Church today, but the documents themselves — which both captured the dread spirit animating Vatican II and subsequently fed that spirit. This is why, above, I quoted specifically from these documents along with the Catechism of Vatican II, the CCC.

    As for Pope John Paul II’s incredible and scandalous words, “May St. John the Baptist protect Islam,” these didn’t come out of nowhere. They were in fact part of a long pattern of ecumenical madness — ecumania, let’s say — during his pontificate. It’s all too much to mention here. Fortunately, others have examined this. One of the best essays to read is this:

    The Secret of Pope John Paul II’s Success, by John Vennari

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