CWR: Finding What Should Never Have Been Lost: Priests and the Extraordinary Form

At Catholic World Report there is a piece which deserves some attention.

Finding What Should Never Have Been Lost: Priests and the Extraordinary Form

Four post-Vatican II priests discuss how they came to know and love celebrating Mass in the Extraordinary Form.


They spoke with

Fr. Mark Mazza, chaplain for the Traditional Latin Mass Society of San Francisco.
Fr. Paul Beach, pastor of St. Martin of Tours Church in Louisville, Kentucky. [I was just there last weekend!]
Fr. Peter Carota, associate pastor of St. Catherine of Siena Parish in Phoenix, Arizona.
Fr. Mark Kristy, at the Oakville Carmelite House of Prayer in the Diocese of Santa Rosa, California.

I note the absence of Fr. Z, but, hey! There’s time.

Check out the article.

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  1. majuscule says:

    Did you notice that two of the priests highlighted are in the San Francisco Bay Area?

    Of course, The likes of Nancy Pelosi get more publicity.

    A quick tally of Bay Area Masses in the Extraordinary Form–

    Weekday — 5 churches
    Sunday — 9 churches
    Other — 7 churches (once a month, once a week etc.)
    (Source: TLM Society of San Francisco bulletin listings.

    Not to mention Masses celebrated on a priest’s own time.

  2. Joseph-Mary says:

    I read Fr. Carota, like this blog, every day:

    Have been much edified there as here.

  3. JesusFreak84 says:

    The TLM at St. Martin’s is amazing; I miss the Mass and the people @_@

  4. Salvelinus says:

    I’ll give a “here – here” for Joseph-Mary above.
    father Carota has a seriously great blog, and I also check it daily.

    This should be standard reading, along with this blog to check daily.

  5. JBS says:

    I personally know of two past instances of the Vatican intervening effectively on behalf of “stable groups of the faithful” whose requests for the EF Mass were going unmet. However, I wonder if the Vatican is still intervening in this way, either to protect the EF rights of priests or of the faithful. Some recently ordained priests are waiting to see if things have changed at the PCED in the past year before they venture into EF land. I advise them to maintain this prudence until we know if SP still has teeth.

  6. Reconverted Idiot says:

    “I note the absence of Fr. Z, but, hey! There’s time.”

    I’ve heard of him. He’s supposed to be a pretty okay guy. One day I might even send him a few bob* towards his expenses (or even his occasional enjoyments) once my current fun with banking is resolved. Meanwhile, I try to remember him in my prayers.

    *British slang for “shilling”.

  7. JBS says:

    Reconverted Idiot,

    Please permit a bit of trivia: which was the last nation to use the penny-shilling-pound system? Hint–their patron saint is Saint Patrick.

  8. Reconverted Idiot says:

    Ooh, I never knew that JBS. Thanks.

    Shilling even I didn’t really use, it was 5 new pence by the time I was a-spending. But we still had “bob-a-job” and parents who spoke in ‘old money’, so I often found myself in possession of two-bob pocket money (well, not that often now I think of it… we were so poor…. shoe-box….etc).

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