LCWR wrap up

“But Father! But Father!”, people have been asking me by email, “Why haven’t you been covering the antics of the LCWR?  Did you not see that they are defying the bishops?  The Vatican?”

Look, they are still meeting to figure out what they are going to do about their canonical status with the Holy See.

I did see this, however.  They empowered the new co-mentor, or whatever they they call her.  Here’s the photo.

Note the chasuble-esque togs they donned.  I am glad they had sisters with shorter hair as the new co-mentor’s acolytes so that they didn’t cover up the fashionable collars.  Particularly moving is the sponsoring solidarity-hand on the shoulder and the upturned hands for the Holy Spirit.  I think she’s supposed to land there.

In other news, Sr. Elizabeth Johnson gave a talk, the headline event of the conference, in which she insulted bishops and the Holy See, and directed the spotlight back to herself.  In the HuffPo account we read:

In her 20-minute acceptance speech, followed by a standing ovation, Johnson suggested the conference’s support of her work prompted the investigation by the church’s top enforcer of orthodoxy, the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith.

Yep.  It’s all about her.

But that’s really all we have to say about Elizabeth Johnson, whom everyone is simply supposed to accept is a good theologian.  She got her award and made her speech and now she will disappear for a while.

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  1. JesusFreak84 says:

    The demographic to which she appeals will soon disappear along with her as the “biological solution” continues apace. Thank God. [The Biological Solution applies to all of us. Keep that in mind.]

  2. VexillaRegis says:

    I’d like to see the LCWR itself wrapped up. The Fish Wrap seems to be the perfect package material ;-)

  3. acardnal says:

    This statement about Sr Johnson’s address as reported in the Fish Wrap pretty much summarizes their position:

    “”Finally, she said, the tensions are ecclesiastical because women religious have undergone the renewal called for by the Second Vatican Council and the hierarchy has not.

    “Certainly, the LCWR and the sisters they lead are far from perfect, but they have got the smell of the sheep on them,” she said to heavy applause. “Post-Vatican II renewal has not taken place at the [Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith].””

  4. Priam1184 says:

    A picture that says too many words…

  5. FrAnt says:

    I had a professor in Seminary who said that her congregation was actively helping an old model of religious life die so that a new one could be reborn. To this I responded, “Isn’t suicide a sin?” That was in 1997. I don’t see the Vatican talking them out of it any time soon. [McCormick types would tell you that it isn’t a sin until you do it over and over, until you change your fundamental option. How that squares with suicide is a puzzler.]

  6. TNCath says:

    I wonder how long it will take before the Episcopalians/Anglicans come a-courtin’? These dear Sisters are just what they are looking for! They can then “backstroke the Tiber” while the CDF and Archbishop Sartain watch from the Ponte Sant’Angelo waving, “Bye bye, now!”

  7. TWF says:

    My interpretation of Sister Elizabeth’s comments:
    WE ARE THE MAGISTERIUM. The bishops know nothing. The bishops are backwards, misogynist, heartless, spiritually dead, useless old tyrants. We renounce their authority. We renounce Rome’s authority. WE have all authority. WE will do what we want, for only WE know best.

    But they are still nuns in good standing and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Sure they are being investigated by Rome, but when it comes to cracking down on radical liberals, the Church moves slower than molasses in January.

  8. jbosco88 says:

    Person in the middle doing “a Les Dawson” there…

  9. LeslieL says:

    “She got her award and made her speech and now she will disappear for a while.”
    As my ma used to say “From your lips to God’s ear….”
    I am a graduate of the Academy of St. Joseph in Brentwood, NY – attended from 1st to 12th grades, then on to St. John’s University for undergrad and grad degrees. I was actually taught by a Sr. Elizabeth Johnson, although I am not at all sure she is one and the same – but I wouldn’t be surprised (I’ll have to see if I can figure out how to scan the pic from the yearbook and maybe you all can figure it out). The theology and religion teachers were always a bit more… as I went through High School – but my parents corrected that when I came home :-) and I was able to hold on to my faith as I progressed through school because deep inside, I always knew what was right. It was funny – it was only the theology and religion teachers that were always a little….off. History, literature, language, humanities teachers always seemed to maintain the faith we all grew up with and encouraged us in both a love of education and a love of our religion. And those teachers didn’t seem to hang out with the theology teachers……Anyway, I was always proud to say I went to ASJ….now, when I see Sr. Elizabeth’s name followed by Sister of St. Joseph, Brentwood – I actually cringe. Because I know everyone thinks that ALL of those nuns were and are like her. May I assure you, please – the ones who taught in the late 60’s and 70’s were NOT all like her. Nor are all graduates of ASJ…..

  10. Thorfinn says:

    I feel bad for those Sisters who are members of one of the orders with cuckoo leadership, like the millions of Catholics trapped in quasi-heretical parishes. We all have to swim against the current in today’s culture, but it’s very frustrating to have to do so in Catholic insitutions, and it doesn’t have to be that way.

  11. Legisperitus says:

    Looks as if she’s saying, “All power is given to me in Heaven and on Earth.”

    Love the chasubles. Totally 1965.

  12. Meanwhile, the formerly Catholic university known as Fordham keeps a seat warm for her to spread her vile feminist theology, derailing all those impressionable undergraduates whose parents are unaware that such exists in the Potemkin Village erected in the shadow of the Bronx Zoo and Botanical Gardens.


  13. allingham_pd says:

    It’s very striking just how aged this bunch are. In their wrap up video I can see just one person who is credibly under 65. This is like watching some weird church dinosaur theme park where the only thing that’s missing is tar pits.

    Anyway, I thought I’d upload this uplifting video for all to share – perhaps I’m wrong. Perhaps this is just like the vibrant and young church community around Holy Innocents in NYC aft and I just can’t see it.

  14. Jim in Seattle says:

    Re “… the upturned hands for the Holy Spirit. I think she’s {sic} supposed to land there.” The good sisters of the LCWR will be glad to see you are on the same wavelength with them, Father!

  15. Joseph-Mary says:

    “She got her award and made her speech and now she will disappear for a while…..”

    Well, we can hope for that! Forever would not be too soon.

    These women are NOT nuns! They perhaps–some of them–started out that way. I do not know what you might call them now but I doubt even they would claim to be “Brides of Christ”.
    Yes, the whole Church is out of step and only these (deluded) women have implemented the true VII. In this case, I hope VII is never fully implemented!

  16. LeeF says:

    Go to the webpage for the assembly to get pdfs of speeches and other stuff:

    Don’t miss the videos used in their prayers and rituals: “Pleides” (light and dance show) and “Where is Matt” (more dance and they omitted “the hell” from the title given on youtube). Just too cute for words.

    They passed resolutions on the “doctrine of discovery”, i.e. wanting the Pope to repudiate the so-called doctrine from the 15th century of conquering indigenous peoples and imposing the Faith on them (better the Aztecs would still be practicing human sacrifice no doubt), and on renewable energy, surely a more timely and urgent spiritual topic than the general failure of catechesis in the Church and in their own organization. They sure are prophetic!

    The press release pdf contains the usual vague pap about dialogue in regards to the doctrinal assessment and their meeting with Archp. Sartain following the assembling. Obviously they hope to dialogue their way out of the mandate for reform without actually making any changes in how they operate.

  17. Salvelinus says:

    Sadly, these types must consider themselves “Catholic” and won’t be abandoning ship (in name anyways) because they can exact much more damage from within, as opposed to outside the Church in a protestant ecclesial community.

    The question I have, and this isn’t me being cynical… it’s truly one I can’t understand for the life of me. >>> why is father Wiley threatened with removal of vows, and thrown out of the Manhattan archdiocese in such a swift manner, yet these clearly dissident nuns are allowed to ply their trade?
    I truly don’t understand the kid-gloves treatment

  18. Alanmac says:

    It is not easy today to be a Catholic. We live in a very secular society. Sexual images are everywhere, we are encouraged to buy, luxuriate, consume, borrow, have it all! Consumerism, materialism easily trumps spiritualism in our everyday life and every day it gets harder to be Catholic.
    I don’t need challenges to my belief and faith, the world does that; I need encouragement and assurance to my belief and faith, the Church does that.
    The LCWR distorts the supportive role of the Church by challenge. I don’t need that from them, and if they’re not willing to help Catholics, they are not living their vows.

  19. incredulous says:

    And the serpent said to Eve… “Indeed, has God said, ‘You shall not eat from any tree of the garden’?”

    Eve said to the serpent, “From the fruit of the trees of the garden we may eat; but from the fruit of the tree which is in the middle of the garden, God has said, ‘You shall not eat from it or touch it, or you will die.’”

    The serpent said to Eve, “You surely will not die! For God knows that in the day you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

    The sisters fancy themselves more knowledgeable than the Bride of Christ or Christ himself.

  20. Jim Dorchak says:

    I thought that she had burned her hands and those nurses in hospital gowns beside her are getting ready to lead her away to the burn ward.

  21. Andrew_81 says:

    Dear Sisters,

    Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport just called. They want their A-B tunnel-inspired gowns back in their art exhibit. They didn’t sound happy about their “extended loan”. They will need to be dry-cleaned first.


    (Cf. The first photo in the UPDATE section)

  22. The new co-mentor hasn’t been fully indoctrinated, still obviously donning the long hair that is off-script.

  23. Gregg the Obscure says:

    In the linked HuffyPuffy item, the LCWR folks go on about how unfair they find the investigation into their ideas. Luther used similar – or stonger – terms to denigrate the type of attention given to his theological works. On the other hand St. Faustina and St. Pio patiently endured investigations and mandates to stay out of the public eye. By their fruits you shall know them.

  24. Rachel K says:

    Sorry God (and at the risk of Fr Z editing out my comment) but why do these rebellious sisters always look like lesbians? Actually, on second thoughts, they always look like they are neither female nor male. They seem to lose their feminine qualities physically as well as spiritually. I suppose, the more we sin, the less ourselves we become.

  25. Kathleen10 says:

    It is a scandal that there is no likely correction coming soon for these women.
    I’m with Bryan D. Boyle, it is a sobering thought regarding the young people who will be led to error by the words and actions of these women. This is a tragedy in slow motion, because the fruits of that won’t be immediately apparent, but will become visible after these young people take their place in society and/or become parents. Then we’ll all feel the ripple.

  26. danhorse says:

    What do they say? A picture is worth a thousand words?

  27. Charles E Flynn says:

    As soon as I saw the middle nun, I mentally gave her an ancient Athenian helmet with a deep red plume.

  28. amenamen says:

    The one on the right is not tall enough to be Mr. Homn, but she has the right outfit and the same smile.

  29. Kerry says:

    These women look always very, very serious, and quite unhappy.

  30. kylie says:

    Looking at the photo of this LCWR pretend liturgy-or-whatever, I was struck with the expressions on the faces of these women – where is the joy that we see in ALL of the faithful communities of young (and not so young) sisters in habits?

  31. NBW says:

    They have moved beyond Jesus, the Catholic Church and tasteful clothing. So sad. I pray for them to come back to the Church.

  32. Isn’t that one on the left YOU, Father? Nice hairpiece!

    You wicked fellow; you got in there after all.

  33. Bea says:

    Maybe they read this?

    And thought they could apply it to themselves:

    But forgot to read St. Paul’s Galatians 1:8
    “But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach a gospel to you besides that which we have preached to you, let him be anathema. ”
    and they are not exactly angels come down from heaven, contrary to what it seems they believe.

  34. Bea says:

    In the picture E. Johnson (no Sr. before her name as she has long forfeited that title) seems to be saying (by her gesture) “gimme, gimme” (Power, I wonder?) while the “Sr.” on her left seems to be saying by her hand in the shoulder : “Sorry, only the CDF can really do that” while the one on her right is looking and wondering if something (or someone/The Holy Spirit?) will miraculously appear.

    They really ought to be pitied.
    What a farce they have made of themselves.
    They lost their femininity as Brides of Christ and are acting as the Chauvinists they constantly criticize.
    It seems to be a “gender” envy, defying God because they are not men.

  35. jacobianflaherty says:

    Interesting post, Father! I actually read/skimmed the latest newsletter to come out from the LCWR:

    I did a control+f search of their newsletter and typed in a few words. For a 10-page document, the word ‘God’ was found once. The word ‘Christ’ once (as part of a Pope Francis quotation. The name ‘Jesus’: ZERO times. Sad! 10 pages, and not one mention of the Most Holy Name of Jesus! Also, “strange” as it might be: there was no recording of the word ‘obedience’, either!

  36. Mike says:

    If there is a bright spot to be found in all this joyless heresy, it is evidence in our day that a Laodicean approach, such as that of mainstream Catholicism for the first generation or so after Vatican II, does not work — except perhaps to excite hunger in faithful souls for authentic Christianity and for its simple but nourishing fruits such as humility, penance, and prayer.

    Among those prayers are mine begging the grace of reparation to, and forgiveness from, all my neighbors to whom I have failed in word and act to proclaim the love and salvation of Jesus Christ. The wretched consequences of indifference, sanitized and otherwise distorted though they be by the politically correct media, are all too painfully evident to honest eyes.

  37. A.D. says:

    I have read the speeches as presented on the LCWR Assembly 2014 web site. I recognize the words are of the English language, but the meaning of them, put together, eludes me. Did they make a stopover in Denver before the assembly or are these presentations a bunch of meadow muffins and they’re laughing in our faces? If they seriously believe this stuff, I suggest a long stay in a “rest home” until they are safe to be among the regular folks.

  38. Mother says:


  39. mpmaron says:

    Hear hear Mother and Almanac!

    I have little sympathy for the LCWR. Sorry. I do pray for their return. However, they were all over my high school and college campus. Making life incredibly dreadful, not catechesis, is their stock in trade.

  40. Charles E Flynn says:

    Here is a photo you will recall:

    The LCWR Doubles Down on Dissent, by Ann Carey, for the Catholic World Report.

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  42. Urs says:

    Father, WHY are the 2 ‘sisters'( I assume) on either side of her DRESSED THAT WAY???? That is weird…

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