NYC – Manhattan’s Church of the Holy Innocents – VIDEO

You probably know about the Church of the Holy Innocents in midtown Manhattan’s reviving Garment District.  This is the only church in NYC where you can find Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form.

Holy Innocents is a great place and many people depend on it for their spiritual nourishment.

You want New Evangelization?  They’ve got it.

I was sent this video, which is on Youtube.

Also on the topic of Holy Innocents, I direct your attention to the blog of Fr. Allan MacDonald from Macon.  He has some personal observations.  HERE


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  1. JonPatrick says:

    The into should say it is the only Church in NYC that has daily Mass in the Extraordinary Form as there are other churches with Sunday EF Mass. However it is telling that a city as large as NYC with 2.5 million (at least nominal) Catholics not counting visitors, would only have one place with a daily EF (and one that is threatened), considering that Still River (Harvard) MA population 6250 has 2 daily EF Masses (IHM Chapel and St. Ann’s House).

    I pray that this Mass will be able to continue. I also signed the petition.

  2. Eliane says:

    Viewing this gives rise to a terrible fantasy, which I hope is too extreme to ever be realized:

    Papal hatchet man is dispatched to NYC, orders all Masses at Holy Innocents to cease until trouble can be straightened out. Priests at Holy Innocents are ordered to cease celebrating EF masses anywhere. Ordinations of seminarians who were nurtured at Holy Innocents are suspended until further notice. Etc.

    Please tell me I’m nuts for even thinking such thoughts.

  3. Yes, Eliane, you are truly bonkers in thinking that any such outrageous travesty could occur in this post Summorum Pontificum era of humility and charity toward all. Shame on you! You need to get your head screwed on straight and quit having these absurd hallucinations.

  4. Mother says:

    At the prompting of Fr. Z, I once drove myself from (Maine to NYC) in a snow storm, to pray at Holy Innocents during a vigil.

    I can truly say, the drive was if nothing; the vigil, heaven on earth.

    (I pray for the preservation of Holy Innocents)

    Now, if I can only find my way to the petition….

  5. Random Friar says:

    A reminder:

    Addressing a letter: His Eminence (Christian name) Cardinal (Surname) (If an archbishop or bishop give title and see)
    Salutation: Your Eminence:
    Concluding a letter: Asking the blessing of Your Eminence, I am, Yours respectfully in Christ, N.
    In personal speech: Your Eminence

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