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Last Thursday evening I gave a talk in Grand Rapids, MI and a nice fellow asked me about the news that I had been killed.  He had seen a tweet about my demise and wondered what was up with that.  I was therefore, at the beginning of my talk able to use a line I doubt I will ever be able to use again: “Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”

The fact is that I was a character in three SciFi books by Chris Kennedy.  They are sort of like The Magnificent Seven meets Star Gate, that is, fun.  He killed me off.  One of the commentatrices here made the observation that I should regenerate since I am actually a Time Lord.  We shall see.

Anyhoo, while I was whinging about my death, I mentioned that I should have at least garnered a unit moral patch out of the deal.

Today, Chris (the author) came through.

It seemed appropriate to put it on one of my range bags.

I suspect that this might provoke some questions during my regular paper killing appointment.

Kennedy’s series begins with the invasion of Seattle by the Chinese.

The first book, is here: Red Tide: The Chinese Invasion of Seattle (Occupied Seattle Book 1)

On another note, some of you will want to make observations about the Latin motto.

Meanwhile, Glück ab!

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  1. Dr. Edward Peters says:

    John, we hardly knew ye. [sniff…]

  2. MouseTemplar says:

    Thank you again for the wonderful talk, “Sentire cum Ecclesia” and for the piercing homily the following Sunday. [piercing!] We owe you more than a Spacehawk patch ( fiercely awesome as it is!)

  3. Admiral-GER says:

    Did you mean: “Glück auf”? [Nope. Glück ab!]

  4. Nicholas says:

    First and something.

    I have to cheat for primoris.

  5. Nicholas says:

    First and First, not something that makes sense to me. If anyone who can explain it reads this, then please do.


  6. Imrahil says:

    Dear Admiral,

    Glück auf is for miners, while Glück ab is for paratroopers.

  7. Obumbrabit says:

    First and Foremost

  8. acbprop says:

    I recommend the books. I blew through the Seattle stories–they are real page turners (or page swipers, on Kindle app). I’m working on first book of the Theogony, Jannissaries. Nice light end of summer reading.

  9. acbprop says: I blew through the Seattle stories

    They are fun, aren’t they!

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