VIDEO: TLM at “Dome of Home”

Have you seen yet the new video about the Traditional Latin Mass? Beautifully done.

The history of the church is interesting. What I find inspiring is the fact that, when people want to do something enough they can get it done!

Also of interest, is the affirmation of the “knock on effect” that the priest’s own manner of celebration of Mass can have on people in the pews.

Here is the blurb:

This 25 minute documentary, with contributions from Bishop Mark Davies of the Shrewsbury Diocese, shows how the famous “Dome of Home” church – the Church of Sts Peter, Paul and Philomena – is thriving under the care of Canon Amaury Montjean and the Institute of Christ the King.
The documentary has extensive coverage of the Latin Mass (also known as the Tridentine rite, or as the “extraordinary form” of the Mass), and also discusses the way other sacraments are celebrated in the church, with excerpts from an extraordinary form baptism. It considers the history, heritage and future of this beautiful church.

The Dome of Home from Philip Chidell on Vimeo.

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  1. majuscule says:

    Beautiful. Inspiring.


  2. Neil Addison says:

    I live in the other side of the River from the Dome so my wife and I don’t get there as often as we would like but we are involved and I am one of the Guides to the Church when we have ours. My wife and I continue to frequent our own NO Parish Church but our Priest knows we also go to the Dome, I don’t think it should be an either-or nor should we who like the TLM allow ourselves to Ghettoise ourselves from the wider Church.
    I’m very impressed with the dedication and quality of the Priests of the Institute and certainly I think every Bishop should think about giving them or the FSSP at least one Church in their Diocese and simply let people choose the TLM if they want it.

    The irony is that this Traditional Church has probably got more REAL lay involvement than any Catholic Church in my experience. No ti doesn’t have Eucharisitic Ministers cluttering up the Sanctuary or Lay readers, the Priest gets on with being a Priest but the lay people are incredibly involved with the Church on a day to day basis bringing our lay skills to it including a lay Choir who single Gregorian Chant beautifully

    This Saturday in Preston a second Church is being taken over by ICKSP and I hope to be there. I just hope other Bishops will take notice

  3. Dialogos says:

    Thanks for sharing, Father–this is really encouraging and heartening. It is so easy to see only the negative developments and lose sight of people faithfully following the Lord’s call.

  4. Maximilia says:

    Beautifully made. I’ll have to show this to my friends if they ever ask about the TLM.

    Just as a small aside, the song at the beginning of the documentary is called “Undying Love.” Very appropriate. :) The same group, Two Steps From Hell (a professional thematic music provider), was also responsible for the 2011 World Youth Day trailer song: That song is called “Heart of Courage.” This is all completely irrelevant, but it makes me happy to see the Church taking advantage of great soundtrack music that is usually bought by entertainment companies for movie trailers.

  5. Tony from Oz says:

    What a beautifully made documentary on this magnificent shrine church of Sts Peter, Paul & Philomena. I had the pleasure of visiting it with my mate Paul in September 2012 – we actually provided an impromptu schola of two for a Votive Mass of Our Lady – and stayed with the wonderful Wirral folk the Archer family, who put us up overnight, and it was lovely to see Anne in the schola and speaking so eloquently on behalf of the shrine, and its liturgical endeavours!

    May God bless this apostolate.

    Tony Pead

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