Philip Booth’s column in The Catholic Herald

I direct the readerships attention to an interesting piece in the UK’s best Catholic weekly, The Catholic Herald, written by Philip Booth who is the “editorial and programme director of the Institute of Economic Affairs”.

Booth comments on recent remarks made by His Eminence Oscar Card. Rodriguez Maradiaga on economic issues and goes on to make his own observations about the relationship of free markets, big government, poverty and unemployment.

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  1. PA mom says:

    A solid article.

    I supposed the Cardinal could be attempting to convert the corrupt and greedy in his own country and press them to allow more of the impoverished the opportunity for decent work and economic mobility.

    But it is easier to point a finger elsewhere.

  2. acardnal says:

    The author took the words right out of my mouth so I don’t have to post them as my own comments:

    “. . . Cardinal Rodriguez’s home country of Honduras do not suffer because of free markets but because of the cronyism, corruption and absence of the basic conditions for markets to function.”

    I have lived/worked in every country in Central America. Only Costa Rica is flourishing. I think Cdl. Rodriquez should concentrate his criticism of social and economic conditions on his homeland’s corrupt politicians and security officials. Once that is corrected, jobs and education will flourish in Honduras, too.

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