Here is a reminder about how men take care of differences.

Watch to the end, it is only about 1:30. The impatient can go to about 1:00.

Yep. This is about right. Let’s have the fight.

And for those who don’t know anything about history, Synods are messy.

Who really prefers dealing with serious questions in a meeting as orchestrated as a convocation with Dear Leader in the Supreme Hall of the People?

Need a hint?

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  1. Matt Robare says:

    Fortunately, St Nicholas had Our Lady to kill the penalty for him against the Arians.

  2. Dennis Martin says:

    Some readers may need a bit of a tutorial before this video will be comprehensible. Perhaps


    With apologies to those who already understood perfectly. Patience is a virtue.

  3. Dennis Martin says:

    Perhaps I have provided a spoiler and very seriously damaged the combox. I did not intend to do so. Anyone in need of the tutorial should first watch the video to the end.

  4. Antonin says:

    As Chesterton said, never let a quarrel get in the way of a good argument. And I have to disagree. I see nothing noble about raising my boys to be goons.

  5. David in T.O. says:

    Up here in the land of Tim Hortons and Hockey we love our old Stompin’ Tom, may he rest in peace.


  6. Mike says:

    That kerfuffle is short, sweet and to the point compared to what I think really could happen (the substance is mostly in the first 1:30).

  7. mrshopey says:

    Those guys don’t have teeth anymore, do they?
    I think that is how the story goes in how St. Nicholas handled it, heresy.

  8. The Masked Chicken says:

    May I offer my services as the official mascot for the Synod? The Synodial Chicken…has a ring to it, doesn’t it?

    The Chicken

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

  9. yatzer says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. I didn’t get it at all. That may be because ice hockey isn’t all that popular here and also I’ve been a girl for over two thirds of a century.

  10. MWindsor says:

    Hockey is strange. [No stranger than synods.]

  11. acardnal says:

    I don’t see any purple vs green/yellow in the video.

  12. Vecchio di Londra says:

    The only bit of the pugilism-on-ice metaphor that I find difficult to imagine in synodal terms is the final handshake and smile.
    I know there are miracles, but…

  13. monmir says:

    Why the 12 F16 flying by “the Fr. Z’s Gold Star” given to the Masked Chicken? I hope the Chicken stays masked.

    [Look at them again.]

  14. brotherfee says:

    I would hope that the Men in Black give the boxer’s handshake (touching knuckles) before the Synod fisticuffs begin; it would only be good protocol. :-)

  15. RJHighland says:

    I had the same thought Matt Robare any takers on who will be playing the roll of St. Nick and who will be Arias at the synod? I pick Card. Burke as St. Nick and Card. Kasper as Arias. I would love to see Card. Burke unceremoniouslythrow Card. Kasper to the curb. He brushes himself off and heads back is saying, “Now we can get this Synod started.” If your going to put him in charge of the Knights of Malta hopefully he acts as a Holy Knight at the Synod. I think it would set a nice tone for the whole thing. The Men of God vs. the Lavander Mafia. The Men of God are greatly out numbered but let us hear the battle cry “Remember Vienna”.

  16. RJHighland says:

    Oh and no shaking hands at the end of the Synod, it should be His way or the Highway.

  17. marcelus says:

    MWindsor says:
    2 October 2014 at 7:09 pm
    Hockey is strange. [No stranger than synods.]

    Try Rugby..

  18. KAS says:

    I enjoy the way men’s brains work. Females, both human and canine, if they fight, will generally desire only to cause maximum damage and the hatred will last forever (unless they let God teach them to forgive). But the males of the two species, they are different. They can fight and end up friends provided both fought honorably. I’d love to know how that feels. I find it fascinating, and I am VERY glad I shall never have to be in a synod. I love discussions of doctrine where rabbits are frightened. I enjoy the carefully defined and nuanced statements of the topic– but those conversations do not have the weight of a synod and if they did, I suspect they would not be fun anymore.

    I prefer my role, praying my rosary for those involved.

  19. pseudomodo says:

    Try Hurling….

    Or cast your elderly mind back to the opening credits of ABC’s Wide World of Sports. Two players crush another player between them who then falls unconscious to the ground – that’s Hurling!

  20. pseudomodo says:

    Yes, just watched the video. I was wondering which one was Nicholas and which one was Arius but then at the end realized it was neither.

  21. Random Friar says:

    Why do we men fight?

    We fight because we care. And not in a namby-pamby “care.” We men care.

  22. Most new hockey fans don’t really understand hockey as demonstrated by the death-rock music that generally accompanies these kind of bouts during a game. But the dudes in this video that celebrated each others efforts do. Hockey is about perseverance, courage, and respect. Like the saying goes, “Hockey doesn’t build character, it reveals it.”

    Here is another hockey video I have admired:


  23. guans says:

    monmir and Father…LOL

  24. jacobi says:

    I was taught from about the age of eight that the first thing is to get them down. After that you’ve basically won. Now it’s against the code to give away secrets, but the side of the knee is very vulnerable for all sorts of reasons!

    As for the Synod, Catholics in Continuity be careful. You will need good peripheral vision!

  25. incredulous says:

    Hurling… a different sort of Saturday-morning-after-a-long-night sort of technicolor “sport” came to mind…

    KAS, I do find your observation very insightful. The perception of what you say has been there, but you’ve distilled it down into a very concise observation. This will help me in my daily interactions with family and others. I need to reflect on the appropriate Catholic response when dealing with such imperfection.

  26. mpmaron says:

    Hockey is a wonderful game. My son plays. With respect to goonery, I hope he realizes that getting smashed in the mush beats the heck out of nursing a grudge for a second.

  27. Stu says:

    Reggie Dunlop: What are you guys doing?
    Steve Hanson: Puttin’ on the foil!
    Jeff Hanson: Every game!
    Jack Hanson: Yeah, you want some?

  28. Sonshine135 says:

    We have to be grown up enough to understand the simple truth that sometimes a good kick in the rear end is exactly what we need.

  29. Kathleen10 says:

    I realize this is about Synods and other things, but, as a non-hockey fan it is so weird to see how a hockey game suddenly turns into a full-on boxing match, complete with referees who seem to move from one sport into the other. I can’t take violence and in light of the better understood concussion issue, I wonder about the cognitive effect for hockey players. Tangential point, I know. This is about duking it out in the Synod. I have a dog in this fight and I am cheering for him, or them.
    @KAS, you mention something I have often observed. I’m happy to be female, but maneuvering among the female population is not easy. Culturally we now encourage girls and women to be brutes, but of course that is not the female talent in warfare at all. It’s women’s words that will cut you up in fifty homogenous slices. Combine that with the power of the pack and the reality that to the female, “if you are not in my inner circle, you are very nearly my enemy”. It is not for the fainthearted. A punch in the head might at times be welcome relief in lieu of the meaner female retributions. I believe men are like dogs and women are like cats.
    ISIS fighters think they’re tough. That isn’t tough. Go work in a building full of women and survive. THAT’S tough.

  30. AnAmericanMother says:

    There is a difference – and it is biologically based. Kipling was correct:
    “She who faces Death by torture for each life beneath her breast
    May not deal in doubt or pity—must not swerve for fact or jest.
    These be purely male diversions—not in these her honour dwells—
    She the Other Law we live by, is that Law and nothing else.”
    But . . . biology is not destiny. We can be trained. Sportsmanship, science, or the law are good training grounds.
    The good lawyers will fight like tigers in the courtroom, then shake hands and go to lunch. I watched my dad, and emulated him. But as we get more ‘unreconstructed’ females in the profession, I’m seeing more and more bad behavior of the “war to the knife” and holding grudges variety. And it’s spreading to the men. It’s not a good thing.

  31. Nicholas says:

    I have a few years marshal arts experience, would it be wrong for me to fly to Rome to fight on the side of Burke and Tradition, or is the job of ecclesial boxer reserved for a bishop, priest, or deacon?

    If not, I would gladly root behind a Synodal Chicken. I often lead cheers from the stands at my high school’s football games, so improvising some Latin cheers would not be too difficult for me.

  32. Nicholas says:

    Improvising Latin, never thought I would say that line.

  33. acricketchirps says:

    Masked Chicken: May I offer my services as the official mascot for the Synod? The Synodial Chicken…has a ring to it, doesn’t it?

    I think not. A hockey fight maybe, but any comparison of the synod to a cock fight would be… well, unfortunate.

  34. joan ellen says:

    Kathleen10 said it is tough to work in a building with women…and survive. And AnAmericanMother said, in so many words, that we can influence men for the worst. I agree. My husband did not survive but 44 years of marriage with me as his wife. To his credit, he died as he lived…royally. And all I could think to say to him at the end was “Thankyou.” May the royalty prevail at this synod.

  35. KAS says:

    I LOVE that poem by Kipling. “The Female of the species is more deadly than the male…”

    I memorized that in Jr High, and the older I get the more certain I am that Kipling is correct.

    My husband can talk of enemies of our country and people and be calm. His interest is in defense and neutralizing the problem so that peace and rule of law can be the norm.

    Me? I see a threat to my children and I want them all DEAD. I am often shocked by the depth of the violence I feel toward those who harm the innocent.

    Trained in reason, logic, and for the sciences from early childhood– when it comes to my offspring and my husband– I am as primitive as any of my ancestresses! Not logical, but it is there none-the-less.

  36. HeatherPA says:

    St. Nicholas is one of my husband’s heroes.
    One of his standard replies to many of the articles he reads here and in Crisis Mag is “Someone should go St. Nicholas on that guy (or gal).” He also uses the term “finally just went at him with his fists” (as read in a description of St. Nicholas versus the Arian) quite often, as he feels like he finally can truly relate to a Saint who became so offended and frustrated with a person being obtuse and obstinate about Catholicism that he lost it.
    He also reveres St. Jerome.

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