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friar at workUPDATE 27 Jan:

I thought you might like a follow up about the collection taken for the Franciscan Friars.

Here is what I received from my friend who is coordinating the project for them.

I wanted to give you an update on the action item for the friars and ask you if you could publish it, also to say thank you to all the donators so far.

The Friars of the Family of the Immaculate and the Familia Christi who is hosting them got about 8.000$ from nearly 160 donators. Thank you to everyone who could give these young men a helping hand. They need you. They pray for you. The goal is to get 50 000$. God bless your generosity.



Remember the pictures of the Friars of the Family of the Immaculate I posted when I was in Rome recently? HERE

These young men, between 19 and 40 years old (in total there are about 40 of them), are hosted in one of the oldest Capuchin convents in Italy which belongs to the Familia Christi, a new Religious Congregation recognized by Bishop Negri of Ferrara. These two young communities are helping each other.

They need your help.

The old monastery needs a a lot of work. HERE There are bills to be paid. First and foremost they need to rebuild an old chapel. Prayer first.

They need $50,000.

I hope 1,000 of you, in your goodness, would give $50 dollars.

Sure, you can give less, but… 1000 x 50… hits the goal.

I am told that the plan is that two Masses a month will be offered for donors who helped to rebuild the Lady Chapel.

You can donate via Paypal to or click HERE

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  1. HyacinthClare says:


  2. raininnewark says:

    Thanks for the heads up Father. I’m always a sucker for the power of math (and a good cause).

  3. jherforth says:

    I wished I could have contributed the whole $50, but the wife and I are saving for a hopeful adoption. Even so, every dollar counts, and we are happy to contribute. Hopefully they meet their goals!

  4. nzcatholic says:

    Father are these Friars part of the Friars of the immaculate or are they a completely different group? I’m visiting Italy for two months this year looking at possible communities to join

  5. StephenJ says:


  6. Atra Dicenda, Rubra Agenda says:

    I’m a big softie for struggling traditionalists. Vote with my wallet. Done. (Yes I got my wife’s permission…)

  7. michael says:

    PayPal makes it so easy- the left hand really does not have time to inform the right hand…

  8. sawdustmick says:

    Done it. Tell my wife later !!!!

  9. JesusFreak84 says:

    1) Michael, amen, and Amazon has the same problem for me…and musical crowd fundings…
    2) In the hat, Father :D

  10. Mike says:

    Done, after some effort. PayPal seems to know I’m traveling and is accordingly, and rightly, being vewwy vewwy careful about letting me raid my own bank account.

  11. Done! Plus the six dollars for paypal.

  12. Charles E Flynn says:

    Donation made from the “I was a lapsed Catholic for seventeen years” fund.

  13. kwooding says:


  14. Phil_NL says:


    But as write this, I realise this was probably not very efficient: being in Rome, they need euro’s; so now my creditcard company has charged be for the euro equivalent of $50, no doubt at a disfavorable rate, and they will probably have to convert the dollars back to euro’s, again incurring charges and a disfavorable exchange rate.

    Might be an idea to put a reminder with the appeal next time you ask for donations for a cause that is in the eurozone, Padre. Your readership is certainly not limited to the US, and I hope I’m the only one too slow not to realise it in time, but I have my doubts…

  15. The Astronomer says:


  16. jameeka says:

    It does look like a lot of work, but quite beautiful when done though! Prayers they make it happen for the greater glory of God.

  17. Eugene says:

    Just completed the donation, living in Canada an with our dollar dropping almost every day it should cost me about $75 Can. Dollars…but well worth it to help out an orthodox religious Father Z says “brick by brick”

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