ACTION ITEM COMPLETED: Pontifical Vestments Fund Raising – ARRIVED!

19 January 2016:

I returned today from my native place to find a large box by the door to the Steam Pipe Trunk Distribution Venue (which, ironically, has no heat right now).  Within were the new Pontifical set in purple!

Opening the box I was first greeted with the sight of my green cope for the vestment I bought last October.   But this is about purple not green.

A few items extracted.

They are splendid.  NB the Filipo Neri style chasuble.

I am searching up some big hangers so that I can get everything hung up properly.

Thanks for all the help, to those of you who participated in this project.

I am about to begin another!

More on that later.

UPDATE 31 Dec:

Thanks to JD who made a big donation to bring this project to completion.  I am very grateful.

In roughly 3 months we did it!

Don’t worry.  I’ll be back.  I will begin another vestment project before too long!

At the time of this writing…

Thanks to all donors!

MH, AS, BY, KS, MB!, DC!, NA, JE, KA!, CM, DY!!!!!, FB, PO, RE!, JG!!, AS, EK, RF. ED, MM, MH, GG!!!!!, CD, CRJR, CD!, AD, MG, WH, PC, MH!, AS, CU!!, TB, JK!, SH, MR, TB!, PW, CT!x10, JB, BK, AH, AL, RJS, SG!, DF, MO’B, WK, MH!, JS, FA, JB, LG, AF-S, CB, MD, PAP!!!!!, RJ, AN, PT, AC, GF, MBG, MH, SD, DP, MB, SK, JD (wow!), AS!


Tonight we had a great Solemn Mass in the presence of Bp. Morlino.  I was going to use a gold set, but when I took the chasuble out of its bag, I found that it was more worn that I remembered.  I used the gold silk set instead.

This just goes to show how important having the right vestments at the right moment can be.

So, please help us with this project!   The Tridentine Mass Society of Madison needs vestments… lots of vestments.  This is only the beginning.

Get out that crowbar and pry loose some money… for a tax deductible donation.

UPDATE 20 Nov:

Today I received an email from Gammarelli in Rome:

We have finished to cut the vestments, so now we will wait for them to be started from our worker (3 weeks time).

So, we are getting closer. They won’t be here by the 1st Sunday of Advent (that was slim) but they should be here before Advent is over!

We were able to get over the half way point yesterday. We even had one donation of $1K! That seems to have encouraged more people to contribute

Have you pitched in yet? This is tax deductible.


Gammarelli sent a few photos of the cutting of the fabric for the Pontifical set. They are a little fuzzy, but… they are making progress!  Click >>HERE<<

Parato Fr. Zuhlsdorf 001

Parato Fr. Zuhlsdorf 002

Parato Fr. Zuhlsdorf 003

Parato Fr. Zuhlsdorf 004

Parato Fr. Zuhlsdorf 005

Parato Fr. Zuhlsdorf 006

So Gammarelli is making progress with our new set of Pontifical vestments.  Now we need you to help us make progress with the fundraising to pay for them!



During my recent Roman trip (thanks, readers) I went to Gammarelli, where I ordered up a new Pontifical Mass set in purple for the Tridentine Mass Society of Madison.

I set up a GOFUNDME drive to raise money for this project.  You can make TAX DEDUCTIBLE donations through this.  The TMSM is a 501(c)(3) organization.  


We must keep pushing forward!  Always forward!

Here is one of the shop minions, calculating expense of fabric and trim for the altar frontal or antependium.

The set will have:

  • Chasuble in the “Philip Neri” Roman style with stole, maniple, burse, veil
  • Four dalmatics with 1 stole and 2 maniples.  They might squeeze a couple stoles extra from the fabric
  • Humeral veil
  • Cope and stole
  • Antependium
  • Gremial
  • Fabric for tabernacle veil should be sent.

They have to order more of the purple, because this kind of set requires quite a bit.  I hope they may have it finished and sent by Advent.

Hopefully we will have regular Pontifical Masses during the Year of Mercy as well as Solemn Masses.  I am pretty sure it will be the only Solemn set, much less Pontifical, in the diocese.

Please help with our project?

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Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. frjim4321 says:

    Yeah I saw this elsewhere.

    Certainly not my style but I appreciate the idea of using quality materials for vestments.

    $7,000.00 could buy some nice vestments that would be suitable for the reformed liturgy.

  2. frjim4321 says: suitable for the reformed liturgy

    These would be more than suitable for the “reformed liturgy” as you put it!

    We are Roman Catholics and nothing is more suitable for our sacred rites, in either the Extraordinary or Ordinary Form, than the Roman style of vestments.

    As a matter of fact, the way the pattern of the fabric is laid out, it should be possible to squeeze extra deacon’s stoles out in case they should be wanted for use with the Novus Ordo. At my home parish in St. Paul, for the “High Mass”, we always had two permanent deacons ministering. They were properly dressed in dalmatics and diaconal stoles.

    The only element in this Pontifical set that would not be used in the Novus Ordo is, I believe, the humeral veil. In the Novus Ordo there is no subdiaconal role at Mass (the subdeacon holds the paten with it during the Canon) and carrying the Blessed Sacrament requires white or gold.

    These vestments will be perfectly suitable for also for the Novus Ordo.

    I look forward to seeing your own generous donation to the project.

  3. MacBride says:


    Beautiful fabric! Any chance on seeing the trim you selected?

  4. MacBride says: trim you selected?

    At the site of Gammarelli you can see some of the fabrics and trims. This is something like what we will have, but without the inserts of different fabric.  The trim is like this gold “column” style.  It’s a bit wavy, rather than straight-edged.


  5. frjim4321 says:

    “I look forward to seeing your own generous donation to the project.”

    I need to work on a donation but it will take another form.

  6. momoften says:

    We are having a purple set made for Solemn High Mass in the states. There are some very good vestment makers and they are very reasonable and work within budgets. Have you considered having them made locally?
    Love the fabric, reminds me of Copenhagen pattern….. I would donate, but am involved in the set
    being made at our parish. It is a poor mind set that falls back on “cheap” and ugly vestments, yet the parish puts money into less worthy projects. They are a necessary investment that the parishes should make to make the liturgy what it should be. We put on our best clothing, dishes, and food out for important occasions and people, yet~when it comes to Mass, the highest form of worship to God, Our Creator….we are not demanding to give him the best. Sigh………….

  7. momoften says: Have you considered having them made locally?

    I’ve considered it… for several nanoseconds.

    I have not yet seen “locally made” vestments made well. By my standards.

    I’d have to see samples… physically and not in mere photos.

  8. Elizabeth D says:

    Bishop Morlino wears his St Phillip Neri chasubles with the maniple and on solemn occasions a pontifical dalmatic, for Novus Ordo Mass. That is normal for him. Not that I have seen him in the longest time at his Cathedral Parish, I have long since begun wondering what is up with that.

  9. momoften says:

    Having said that, I would love to see that too.(a comparison of the 2 makers) Have you seen the vestments on design@altarworthy?

  10. benedetta says:

    The polyester blech of the 70s, even if just the material itself has a somewhat unfortunately extended half-life (?), we’re still talking, what, forty years’ worth of banjo Masses? OK. That’s not fair. Correction: tambourine and kumbaya?

    Whereas, properly cared for, these vestments could last, what, a couple generations, at least? I say that is excellent value for the money and prudentially planning for down the road in a very far reaching way. The little ones in the families assisting at the EF this week may very well have the benefit of these beautiful vestments for themselves and their one day grandchildren! How beautiful!

  11. MacBride says:


    Very nice trim…that wavey stuff is hard to get on straight. I visited Gammarelli when I was in Rome…I bought a beautiful pall for my Priest there. I am sure the set will look simply beautiful.

  12. oldconvert says:

    A few years ago there was a programme on BBC TV about Westminster Abbey and we were privileged to see some of the vestments held there and still in use, despite being over a century old at least. The embroidery alone was spectacular.

    There is also a book by an ex-nun, published many years ago, in which the author, Monica Bladwin, recalls her time as sacristan in her convent. She gives superb descriptions of vestments, some dating from the time of James II and some from the time of Queen Anne (the convent was on the European mainland, not in Britain, needless to say!).

    And all for the glory of God.

    But somehow, the double-knit, polyester Crimplene vestments, machine washable, non-iron and easy-care, ordered in bulk, one simple design for the whole diocese, seem to suit the Novus Ordo better, I don’t know why.

    Somehow the non-iron,

  13. oldconvert says:

    Bother! Westminster Cathedral I whould have written! When O when will I learn to use the Preview button?

  14. jaykay says:

    Benedetta says: “The polyester blech of the 70s,..”

    Agree in general. God, what a decade. But still, our parish has a set of vestments from the very late 70s, introduced around when the Pope visited Ireland in ’79, and they’re still in use, albeit probably now approaching their last days. They’re not, however, polyester, but seem to be, the few times I’ve been close-up, very heavy linen/cotton mix or some such. Definitely not silk. And the design, given the time, was remarkably restrained, in that the orphreys are in a nice, understated Celtic interlace design. It could have been awful, given the times and the Celtic-schmeltic tackiness that was all the rage here back then, but in fact they worked very well. I’ll kind of miss them when they go, after all the years.

    That said, the Parish’s set of traditional vestments that are still used from time to time, 19th and early 20th century, are spectacular and remind me very much of Fr. Z’s new set, although in traditional Roman style. There never does seem to have been a rose set, however.

  15. oklip955 says:

    I saw this today. I’m cancelling out of my trip for the close of the year of consecrated life. Just not worth the risk right now. I don’t care if I don’t get my deposit back. I’ll stay home and pray at my parish.

  16. Allan S. says:

    It is wonderful to see so many good people joining you in this project, Father. May graces be poured out in abundance for those who have contributed!

    I know that when traditional Catholics discuss funding vestments, there is often “an elephant in the room” – namely, what could happen to said vestments if (when?) a Bishop hostile to traditional liturgy is appointed to the diocese. Not entirely out of the question in the current climate. Such a Bishop would have the authority to order these vestments ‘mothballed’ or sold-off in a garage sale to raise money for whatever. Those who sacrificed would no doubt be horrified by such a development.

    A workaround was discovered, however: the vestments would be purchased and “owned” by the local UV chapter (or whatever the stable group under SP was called), and leased to the parish or diocese at no costs but pursuant to a written agreement requiring that they be returned on demand, when not used etc. They would then be available on a continuing basis to be loaned out to friendly individual priests.

    Anyway, just a thought in case others elsewhere are pondering this (i.e. no implication this is a concern chez vous).

  17. Hello Father. Great to see the vestments in progress!

    I have a question. It seems like the missing links to Pontifical Latin Masses, are proper liturgical gloves and the buskins.

    I must ask, is Gammarellis’ the only liturgical shop in the world that makes these items today? Do any other shops make them? The buskins seem to be the most hard to find item to complete pontifical sets.

    [Good question. I simply don’t know. I haven’t even thought of looking for buskins elsewhere.]

  18. Imrahil says:

    from looking at the pictures…

    so, is blue – full-blue, not cerulean, that is – a liturgical color now?

    (The only thing actually purple in these pictures is the middle part and sleeves of what our reverend host posted in the combox.)

    [Double check what I wrote. And the color is purple.]

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