ROME DAY 1: Jet Lag

I am on the ground at FCO. On the way down we had some splendid mountains and at the end a nice view of the ruins of ancient Ostia. Alas I didn’t have my camera ready early enough for a fuller view.



Lunch… the usual first day fare…


And on the feast of St Telesphorus, near where I am staying…


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  1. Supertradmum says:

    Father Z, hope you are feeling better. I shall be leaving the Mediterranean soon. God bless your trip.

  2. NBW says:

    Very beautiful photos! Have a safe trip Fr. Z.

  3. Siculum says:

    Spectular shots nonetheless. The brutal winter you left behind floated across the Great Lakes to us today. Thanks.

    Just got my Ecclesia Dei Coalition mailing and Mary Kraychy has you quoted extensively on the front page of her newsletter about fighting the good fight and “Do not waver. Do not slow down,” etc. in the implementation of Summorum Pontificum. Good words, Father. And Mrs. Kraychy was very brave in hers.

  4. Robbie says:

    Hope you’re able to share the broad strokes of all the rumors that must be flying around Rome these days.

  5. iPadre says:

    Rigatoni is one of my favorite pastas. Rigatoni Norcina at Roberto’s on Via Borgo Pio is a definite pleaser.

    Buon viaggio, buon appetito Don Zuhlsdorfo!

  6. PapalCount says:

    Fr Z enjoy Rome but please share with us these restaurants you visit so we can all add them to our PLACES TO GO when in Rome. Love all your photos.

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