Travel altar cards for TLM – special sale

I received a note from the nice lady of SPORCH who makes the marvelous travel altar card set for the Extraordinary Form.

I have over 40 lower left old style travel sets available at a reduced price.  These are sets that have a minor trimming errors.

I need to raise cash soon to pay help–I shattered my wrist & will have to hire help/find some volunteers quickly.

Poor thing.  Broken wrist.  Been there.  Brrrrr.


Here is a photo:

#2 travel set2

I have a set of these cards and use them when I travel.  They make life a lot easier!  Recently I lent them to a priest friend who went on vacation with some other priests, one of whom was going to coach him up on the TLM.  He told me they were great.

Get a set for your priest!

Meanwhile, I didn’t notice anything at the SPORCH site specifically about the cards that are on sale, but you can contact her directly.


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  1. dahveed says:

    if I may add one small bit of information, those in the area in which S.P.O.R.C.H. resides (Dayton, Ohio) who are interested in helping may find an ad toward that end at

    Thank you for all that you do.

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