Will Pope Francis be the only able-bodied diocesan bishop NOT to celebrate Mass of the Last Supper with priests and people?

From the marvelous Fr. Hunwicke.  I had to smile.  HERE

Job Sharing?
Why don’t people swap roles occasionally? Fr Lombardi could go riding around in airliners making remarks to journalists; then the Holy Father could do the News Conferences explaining what the remarks had really meant.

This year’s Vatican Liturgical Schedule doesn’t include the Holy Father presiding at the Mass of the Last Supper. Is Cardinal Burke, il Cardinale volante, still free to step into this breach? If, by then, the Swiss Guard has been abolished, he could bring his Knights of Malta to the Lateran to provide Security. Juventutem could waggle flabella over the sedia gestatoria.
_______________________________  [Father… don’t use long lines created from underscores… okay?  I cut this one down for you.]

I wonder if the Bishop of Rome will be the only able-bodied Latin Rite diocesan bishop in the world not to celebrate the Mass of the Last Supper openly with his priests, deacons, and people? There will of course be sound precedents galore from the much more flexible age of the Renaissance papacy … it’s praxis within the rather more rigid post-Vatican II dispensation that I’m curious about.

If the Holy Father wants a substitute for the sacred rites in St. John Lateran, and if Card. Burke is otherwise engaged… I volunteer.

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  1. cregduff says:


    If you gain the permission, please put the donate button up and the papal flag gif-a-fluttering, as soon as you know. I’d certainly help to send you there!


  2. SKAY says:

    Wonderful idea Father Z.

  3. Bosco says:

    Perhaps the god of surprises will preside?

  4. Bosco says:

    By the way, it looks like Cardinal Pell wont be the celebrant.

    “Vatican condemns leaking of documents showing power struggle” Yahoo News Feb. 27, 2015

    “The Vatican on Friday condemned the leaking of documents that according to a media report show a power struggle in the Holy See over economic reforms and excessive expenses by the cardinal charged with carrying them out.”


  5. Traductora says:

    Either of you guys would be great! Perhaps my address is a little too informal? At this point I don’t care.

    Why in the world is the Pope doing (or not doing) this?

    Also, regarding Bosco’s comment above, apparently Pope Francis’s “advisers” in Rome refer to Cdl Pell as “the kangaroo,” and I have seen a couple of articles in Italian and Spanish that say there is a “kangaroo hunt” going on now.

  6. Andrew Rivera says:

    Given his track record for the Mandatum as the Bishop of Rome, it’s surely for the best.

  7. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Since his schedule was changed so far in advance, I imagine his doctors advised against him trying to wash feet. Maybe Holy Week last year was a strain on his lung.

  8. Elizabeth D says:

    Don’t listen to him, Fr Hunwicke! I am a big believer in lines created with underscores.

  9. Geoffrey says:

    Mocking the Holy Father’s medical condition is unbecoming of a Christian.

  10. AlexanderAerarius says:

    There is an tag. Is it enabled in Blogspot posts?

  11. AnnTherese says:

    Mocking anyone is unbecoming of a Christian.

  12. Suburbanbanshee says:

    I wasn’t mocking. Have you ever tried to bend over and do anything, when your lungs are clogged up? I wasn’t even having a fun time tying my shoes when I’ve had bad pneumonia or bronchitis.

    Of course, I imagine that things regenerate a bit after so much time, and I’ve never heard that the man is in constant pain or anything. But it’s not a good idea to do stuff that makes it hard for you to breathe.

  13. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Now, if I said that the Swiss Guard Ninja Death Squad Elite were planning for ISIS to eat dirt after suddenly contracting pike-a, that would be a funny.

  14. scholastica says:

    I didn’t read it as mocking. In fact I was impressed with your charitable attempts to defend him. Sadly, this is the third year in a row that he has gone elsewhere for Holy Thursday and he does wash feet.

  15. The Cobbler says:

    Should I suggest using the <hr> tag instead of ASCII line over here, or over there?

    (Um… well, I guess asking here covers over here…)

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