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Wherein Fr. Hunwicke made me laugh.

Fr. Hunwicke has, at his indispensable blog, an informative piece which literally made me laugh. Father immediately drew my attentive reading through his title: “Papa Lambertini’s conundrum”. Papa Lambertini is, as you know, one of my favorites favourites among the … Read More

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Wherein Fr. Hunwicke amuses

Today at his engaging spot, Mutual Enrichment, Fr. Hunwicke amuses. He begins with a riff on the stole Benedict XVI wore when he visited England. He ends with a suggestion that if Francis is really interested in “the peripheries” would would … Read More

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“Association of the Lord’s Body with the needs of our bodies, and of his Blood with the needs of our souls…”

There is a terrific post at Fr. Hunwicke’s Mutual Enrichment today.  He drills into the famous Anglican “humble crumble” or, better, the Prayer of Humble Access which those in the Anglican communion were/are wont to recite.  Let’ s have a taste … Read More

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Renaissance triumphalist crowing both in bad taste and divisive

I saw a mordantly amusing comment from Fr. Hunwicke over at his blog HERE.  He mused about the recent 50th anniversary of Paul VI going to a Roman parish to say Mass in Italian.   Perpend.  My emphases and added … Read More

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Will Pope Francis be the only able-bodied diocesan bishop NOT to celebrate Mass of the Last Supper with priests and people?

From the marvelous Fr. Hunwicke.  I had to smile.  HERE Job Sharing? Why don’t people swap roles occasionally? Fr Lombardi could go riding around in airliners making remarks to journalists; then the Holy Father could do the News Conferences explaining … Read More

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Learn from Luther… and kneel to receive Holy Communion!

The brilliant Fr. Hunwicke has a keen eye. To wit: Learning from Luther Cardinal Marx believes in learning from Luther. Today, Rorate publishes a nice early engraving of Lutherans receiving Holy Communion into their mouths, and kneeling. Nuff’ said. Here … Read More

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Not just new sins, but new categories of sins!

Fr. Hunwicke – whom I thank for the recently conferred title Archiblogopoios* – has done it again.  He is on the proverbial roll. Here’s the whole thing… I can’t resist.  Be sure to go over there, spike his stats, and read … Read More

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Father’s job is to say “No.”

I have been saying for a very long time now that the Pope’s first job is to say “No.” The job of bishops, priests, fathers in general, is to say “No.” Whether your children are plotting to make a go-cart … Read More

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“Does it apply to murderers and pedophiles?”

There is a good post at Fr. Hunwicke’s place pertaining to the admittance of the civilly remarried to Holy Communion. With my emphases: Updating One gathers … as we grandly say in England … that brilliant ways are being mooted in Synodo … Read More

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Where are the September Ember Days? (And some other fascinating stuff!)

In the Roman tradition we observe the Ember Days four times a year, around the changes of the seasons, during Lent, at Pentecost, and close to St. Lucy’s Day and Exaltation of the Cross (“Lenty, Penty, Crucy, Lucy”).  These days … Read More

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Wherein Father chuckles

Over a Fr. Hunwicke’s place I read a line that made me chuckle: Now, look here, Father, if you can’t be more pastorally sensitive and inclusive, I shall have to forbid you to say the Novus Ordo … so you’d better get … Read More

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More on Brentwood Butler and revolt against the ICEL translation

A little while ago, a priest of the Diocese of Brentwood (UK), Fr. Michael Butler – director of the diocesan commission for liturgy, sent a letter to the priests of that diocese, and to the über-liberal, dissident weekly publication The … Read More

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Oxford University’s Latin Sermon

Fr. John Hunwicke apparently received permission from Msgr. Newton of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham to preach Oxford University’s Latin Sermon from Newman’s pulpit. The text (I received along with it the paraphrase, which is not my rendering): … Read More

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