Mystica TEA from the Wyoming Carmelites!


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Good news from the Wyoming Carmelites for you TEA drinkers!

The Mystic Monk coffee Carmelites have available for pre-order their new line of TEAS.

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I had this note from the Carmelites:

Because of the new individual teabag packaging, Mystica teas stay fresher much longer than our old teas.  They’re packed in a box to make storage easier. It’s also less messy to brew, because we’ve included a string on the teabags.

So now you tea drinkers are set up.

Summer is coming: iced tea!

Help the Carmelites build their monastery.  Help yourselves to tea.

And don’t forget their coffee.

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  1. Rachel says:

    Hooray! Every time you promote their coffee I think, “But I’m a tea drinker…” At last. :)

  2. pannw says:

    Oh, I do hope it is just a change in packaging and not in flavor. At least let the Blossoming Jasmine be the same. It is a little hint of the goodness of Heaven!

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