Of the Premonstratensian Rite and Confessions

I received a note from the MC at my friend Fr. Ray Blake’s parish in Brighton.  They recently had a retreat which ended with Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form of the Premonstratensian Rite (Norbertine). There are some fine photos.  I am told that confessions were heard during Mass and that there was a queue at all times.

Here is a fine photo.  All the statues are covered for Passiontide.  Well done.



I note that Fr. Blake was a signatory of the recent letter that almost 500 priests of England and Wales signed asking that the upcoming Synod clearly affirm the Church’s teachings concerning Communion for the divorced and civilly remarried.  HERE

Also, Fr. Blake has warmly asked for prayers for the newly appointed Bishop of Arundel and Brighton, Most Rev. Richard Moth. HERE.


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  1. The chasuble looks to be a different color; do you know if it is? I ask, because I’m told that in some “uses,” red vestments would be used for Passiontide. I didn’t know if this was the case for the Norbertines.

    It could, of course, just be a different shade of violet…

  2. JamesM says:

    The chasuble is ‘Tyrian Purple’ (often called Roman Purple). At a distance it can look closer to red but up close it does look more purple.

  3. Simon_GNR says:

    “… the newly appointed Bishop of Arundel and Brighton, Most Rev. Richard Moth. ”

    Note for Father Z: Once again, may I remind you that bishops in England and Wales are “Right Reverend”, not “Most Reverend”? Only archbishops are “Most Reverend”. The new bishop is the “Right Rev. Richard Moth”.

  4. BigTin says:

    I clicked through the photographs to see what the Premonstratensian Rite did differently it and I thought interesting, after the last Gospel the Priest returns to the centre and confesses again. (I got to the sermon again before realizing that the photos had cycled through and the rite does not go Mass of the Catechumens, Sermon, Mass of the Faithful, Repeat)

  5. Tony Phillips says:

    Apparently Archbp Nichols (Westminster) has criticised priests who signed the letter…

  6. Militans says:

    @Tony Phillips

    “This dialogue, between a priest and his bishop, is not best conducted through the press.”

    No word on what His Eminence Card Nichols thinks of the debate between Cardinals being carried out in the press.

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