“Pause” for a moment to see Michael Voris’ new project

Like Michael Voris.  Hate Michael Voris.  Whatever.  Voris is a man with convictions and he acts on them.  That’s admirable.  

Like his projects.  Hate his projects.  He is doing something concrete with the time, talent and treasure at his disposal.

Would that more Catholics had his energy and determination!

Here is his latest. I don’t know if his new – and really interesting – initiative is going to work or not, but, hey! Michael, I’ve gotta hand it to you. You clearly love the Church. You are leaving it all out on the field. You could pull this off!

Helping to build up men who will serve God in some calling? Oorah!

If you want me to come to say Mass for the guys sometime, or give them a talk, I’m game. Good luck and God love you!

And for those of you who don’t like what Michael does… you do better! Just try it.

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  1. Woody79 says:

    Yes, love him or hate him, he is a man of conviction. I like him and I like the guys at the Remnant. I don’t like to see them argue but that’s what families do sometimes.

  2. Supertradmum says:

    Excellent project, and if anyone wants to help a sem pay off the balance of his college loan, a mere 300 USD, please let me know on my blog in comments. His diocese will not pay off the loan, as it was acquired before he entered.

    Anyway , anything anyone of us can, we should do it, especially parents encouraging their young men who are given a vocation from in the womb.

  3. Elizabeth D says:

    Are all those men really involved in Church Militant TV? That could be tremendous. Michael Voris’ legacy, like Bishop Morlino’s, could be the greatest through the men he formed.

  4. Sword40 says:

    Most of the time Michael is “on the money”. His “Mic’d up” show where he attacks the SSPX really turned me off. Both he and Ms. Niles made a number of erronious statements and have not corrected them. I have e-mailed Michael but never recieved an answer regarding them.

    I must give him credit where he exposes errors of the Neo- Catholics. And he is right on on most of the Episcopacy. Still have a bad taste in my mouth from the one experience but I subscribe to his site.

  5. Kathleen10 says:

    As far as I’m concerned the world has gone mad and Michael Voris et al are helping to keep some sanity in it. I don’t think the evil that is strengthening around us can be overstated at this point. It is not easy to report on what is happening in our church and to point out scandal or frankly, the diabolical, especially when it involves our beloved faith. It can’t be easy to be him. It is obvious many of our church leaders are too personally afraid to speak out or are complicit in the secularism that is trying to take over our faith. We thank God for Michael Voris and his team. They speak bluntly and courageously and we are grateful to them and for them. At this point, we trust Michael Voris a great deal more than we do much of our Catholic leadership. Sad, but true. What happened in New York at the St. Patrick Day Parade was a shocking example of how our Catholic faith is being subverted from within. Now the camel’s body is in the tent. Should we blame Michael Voris for pointing out the camel?

  6. yatzer says:

    I think of him as rather like Jeremiah or John the Baptist.

  7. jacobi says:

    I have heard Michael Voris teach simple clear Catholic belief on major issues of our time something I have yet to hear, over a period of say 20 years, from a Catholic Priest or bishop!

  8. Mother says:

    I LOVE Michael Voris!

  9. Debbie from NC says:

    May God protect and bless Michael Voris and his apostolate ChurchMilitantTV with the necessary gifts of the Holy Spirit, wisdom, prudence, and charity, to deliver and defend the truth in love.

  10. JuliaB says:

    Seems like a good idea! Looks like a very well-equipped programme too. Have to admit, though, the overly-dramatic music made me giggle. But perhaps that music appeals to men? (I’m not kidding — I really don’t know if t does or not. Does it? If so, keep using it.)

  11. Grumpy Beggar says:

    I guess time will tell. Michael Voris isn’t someone whom I’ve followed too closely – but that’s just me.
    As the young intern who did most of the speaking said : “Coming from sitting at home and reading the everyday news of the world – the secular world to coming in every day sitting at a computer and reading Catholic news, is a huge jump.”

    You figure, they’re dealing with matters of faith and becoming immersed in them while they learn production techniques, they begin their workday with prayer, they recite a Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary , they recite the prayer to St . Michael the Archangel . . . allies in the Communion of Saints don’t come any more powerfully packaged than that.

    Considering all the first-hand examples we see regularly cited here on Fr. Z’s blog demonstrating just what an abysmal mess fickle media types tend to make of our faith when they sorely misrepresent/misconstrue it , media certainly seems like an appropriate milieu to strategically place some good Catholic men. It’s where they’re needed and it’s where a major battle is being fought (and we’re currently getting the **** bombed out of us with all sorts of anti-Catholic rhetoric and propaganda).

    Hmmm . . . Kind of like – get your media training doing an internship with Church Militant TV, and then wherever else you may end up working in the media, you’re probably not going to speak ill of or misrepresent the Catholic Church. Looks like someone may have done some serious calculating on this one .

    As that same young intern said: “Coming from the perspective that I was going to be a runner, to actually producing, writing, preparing news stories for the Catholic Church – to tell the Truth of the Catholic Church, is quite incredible.”

    I would be inclined to think it’s going to bear good fruit.

  12. Susan G says:

    Wow! What a great idea! While I’ve seen some uproar in the liberal wing over Fr Barron’s video encouraging men to consider a vocation, this certainly goes a step further in truly addressing Catholic men! I hope this bears good fruit, whether through vocations, which certainly seem likely, or through the building up of Catholic culture in general.

  13. gaudiumcumpace says:

    For many, the Truth is hard to hear. This new project calls to mind good Saint J. Bosco. We need more men like Mr Voris.

  14. Nicholas says:

    If I had an interest in journalism and did not know where I plan to be for the next 5 years, I would sign up in a heart beat.

  15. DisturbedMary says:

    Catholic testosterone . Gotta love the directness and clarity.

  16. Eric says:

    I got no problem with what Voris does or says. I got a problem with how he says it. I guess I’m saying I don’t like his style.

    Of course, I’m not a big fan of the Pope’s style either.

    God Bless them both.

  17. kiwiinamerica says:

    Good on ya, Louis!

  18. Elizabeth D says:

    I also am not entirely fond of Michael Voris’ style of discourse. I think even stopping preceding everything he says with “welcome to the Vortex where lies and falsehoods are trapped and exposed” would help reset the tone. On the other hand at this point I accept him and his personality and I think he is trying his best, in many ways has done an excellent job, and has gained more respect from me over the years (after losing a lot of my respect headbutting with his bishop over the “Real Catholic TV” name, but wisely then choosing a new name, which is actually a better choice). What Fr Z says above is just right, if you don’t like it then do something better yourself. Of course, most people lack Voris’ combination of substantial theological education, TV production and presenting skills, and zeal and determination. And seems like the overwhelming majority of people who do have similar capabilities are not even trying to serve God with them.

  19. Maltese says:

    I think only poverty, martyrdom and selflessness lead to rejuvenation in the Church; think of St. Francis. Without abnegation there is no rejuvenation.

    You can’t legislate or “selfie”-gate that transformation. It can only come through blood and tears, as Christ showed us.

    Being Catholic is a difficult path, and the more popularized it becomes, the further from authentic Truth it becomes.

  20. gramma10 says:

    Very interesting! I had to ask a friend to stop sending me Voris’s videos. My reaction to his personality is so negative it got me mad. I decided if I wanted to keep the peace of Jesus I could no longer look or listen to him. I agree with much of what he says but I cannot handle his arrogance and rudeness and mocking and name calling. Big ego and thinks he is always right!
    Now I must say that listening to the Aussie talking about working for him was not bad. Actually anyone is better to look at and listen to in my book than MV. He seemed like a fine young man.
    I am pleased that some young men are becoming defenders of our great faith. So I applaud MV for doing this!
    I am so happy also because it takes the attention off of Michael’s ranting and raving and ego and has good Catholic guys doing something productive!
    I have always preferred humility in people rather that his obnoxious style.
    Men like him most it seems. Good! Because he is a man’s man I think.
    Glad he is finally doing something like this and using his energies in a more productive manner. Hopefully passing on the baton too!
    I still cannot listen or watch him though. But I ask God to bless his efforts.
    I always enjoyed Fr. Benedict Groeschel who was humble and funny and taught me so much over the years.
    And, I like Fr. Z!!!
    I love the use of humor and inner joy and humility and awe and Sharing of interesting unusual things and that way of teaching or talking! I never heard MV use humor but only sarcasm. He is so intense. So angry. Oh well. I should pray for him. And also ask avid to soften my heart towards him. Hmmmm
    So I want to thank God for the uplifting people in the world. They make me smile!
    Smiling is good. Did you know there is “Our Lady of the Smile”?
    Look her up! : )

  21. JonPatrick says:

    gramma10, it is hard to smile when one considers the depths of the situation the Church finds itself in today, a crisis comparable to the Arian crisis of the 4th century, if not worse. In that previous crisis we heard of saints like Nicholas coming to blows with his opponents. It’s not called the Church Militant for nothing, although our battles are usually spiritual rather than physical.

    It is hard to smile when you think of the millions who are being misled by the wolves among the shepherds and whose mortal souls may be in danger. Think of the scandal that the St. Patrick’s Day events in New York (where a openly homosexual group marched but a pro-life group was turned down) and Boston (where the Knights of Columbus chose to march alongside openly homosexual groups and only backed down at the last minute when they came under criticism). These kinds of scandals are leading to much confusion among the faithful. Michael is one of the few that is willing to come out and call a spade a spade. This is a crisis and people’s souls are in danger.

  22. Joseph Revesz says:

    God bless Michael Voris and his crew, and God bless you, Father Z, and any Catholic clergy who recognize that the efforts of Church Militant TV are directed to preserve the Christ’s Holy Catholic Church. Pray for complete reconciliation with the SSPX.

  23. Sonshine135 says:

    I’m glad that Michael Voris is doing a project like this. Anything that compels men to get more involved in the church is a big thing to me. When men wake up and start taking their vocations seriously, we will see a change for the better in our society. Say what you want about Voris, he doesn’t pull any punches.

  24. Mojoron says:

    When Michael came down hard on Dolan two weeks ago, I sort of cringed, but I agreed completely with his charges, but his three day attack was a little too much. Cardinal Burke’s projects on Men, this one and the other that Fr. Z posted two weeks ago hit a nerve with me. A good nerve. Since I retired and moved out of the big city to the country, I have found a spiritual wasteland in men in the two parishes I usually attend. Mostly they are due to them not attending services, they will come to the church functions, KofC meetings, sometimes, dinners, etc., but not to Mass, most drink a lot. I have not talked to our attending priest because I can sense his detachment from this parish (he lives 22 miles away.) I have shown him Cd Burke’s program and he IS interested and is going to look into it after the Holy Days.

    I know this program is about young men, but I am concerned about older men. Men who have been estranged from the church for many years, lukewarm in their love of God always keeping Him at arms length. To illustrate: My wife’s childhood friend is dying from cancer and is dying alone without spiritual support. He is a cradle Catholic, virtually refuses to see his old friends save his close family members. Rarely does a priest visit. Still, he considers himself a Catholic and a Knight. He is a good man. But even good men need to have their faith strengthened at this time of their lives. There are few priests out here in the hinterlands. There is a spiritual ministry that needs to filled by someone that helps those who are either too proud or too stupid to realize that they don’t need to be alone in their lives when they need spiritual help.

    Living far away from big cities has shown me how it was in the early days of the American West when Mass happened infrequently and Faith and Love of God was something that was tenuous at best. That Old West philosophy still lives out here and is hard to overcome.

  25. SanSan says:

    God Bless Michael Voris. I support ($) Michael’s PAUSE initiative. It’s painful following Michael’s reports on what’s going on “inside” our Church and stay hopeful, but I believe that bringing EVERYTHING out into the light of day is very cleansing. Thank you Father Z for offering to do a Mass for Michael and his fellow workers in the Vineyard.

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