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ASK FATHER: Michael Voris

There are enough emails in my box asking me my take on the resignation of Michael Voris from Church Militant to merit a post. CM issued a statement that Michael was asked to resign for breaching their “morality clause”. Michael … Read More

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ROME DAY 4: Carbonara, Caravaggio, altar idiocy

On this Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary the Roman Aurora is at 6:45, Sunrise 7:11, Sunset 18:45 and the Ave Maria is still set at 19:00, not that anyone pays attention to it anymore. I am reviewing Chesterton’s … Read More

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Fishwrap’s @MichaelSWinters wants action from the US bishops. So does @FatherZ

Michael Sean Winters (aka the Wile E. Coyote of the catholic Left, aka Madame Defarge the Tricoteuse) is worried.   He has called to the US Bishops to stop the schism! In his latest panic attack at Fishwrap, Winters identifies several groups … Read More

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@Church_Militant on the public lynching of Fr. Eduard Perrone

Full disclosure. Fr. Eduard Perrone has been a friend for many years. I don’t believe a word of the allegations. BTW… Perrone famously blew the whistle on the disgusting goings-on at St. John’s Seminary. Furthermore, last year at the Canon … Read More

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Wherein Fr. Z rants about Hell and sin and Enemy of the soul

I often read from visitors here that they rarely, if ever, hear anything about the Four Last Things from their pulpits. I mention the reality of our possible eternal destiny with some frequency here and from the pulpit. It is … Read More

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A solid “state of the question” VIDEO about The Present Crisis

When we write scholarly papers or monographs or theses, or even in depth blog posts, analyzing a burning question, we often begin with a status quaestionis section: What is the state of the question? This morning Michael Voris posted a “Vortex” … Read More

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Cri de Coeur: calls for punishing action against bishops complicit in L’Affaire McCarrick

Today I read at Crisis a smart piece by Eric Sammons which argued that, because of the unaddressed, indeed covered up scandal of McCarrick … and others, just wait!… Catholics should address the problem of feckless bishops by withholding money:  … Read More

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VIDEO @Michael_Voris makes an appeal. ACTION ITEM!

In the last couple of years I’ve written more than once about the Church’s attribute of indefectibility.  In a nutshell, the Church’s members may err or fail, but the Church cannot. Which leads me to advance a video that Michael Voris made. He … Read More

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Fr. Z’s thoughts on Michael Voris’ public statement

Michael Voris recently released a public statement about his past and about his conversion. I don’t entirely understand the circumstances or timing of this statement. My thoughts. We constantly pray for sinners to convert and we say we are happy … Read More

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SSPX not in schism

Michael Voris and his initiative Church Militant have been militating pretty hard these days against the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX – a society of priests, not lay people, having a less than perfect canonical status). Michael is pushing hard that … Read More

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“Pause” for a moment to see Michael Voris’ new project

Like Michael Voris.  Hate Michael Voris.  Whatever.  Voris is a man with convictions and he acts on them.  That’s admirable.   Like his projects.  Hate his projects.  He is doing something concrete with the time, talent and treasure at his disposal. … Read More

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VIDEO: Figuring out this pontificate

Here is a video from Michael Voris, who offers one point of view. For your thoughtful, thought-filled, discussion. Think before hitting that “Post” key. Moderation queue is ON. First comment: I wish they’d change the music at the end.

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Michael Voris, Card. Burke… corrections

Get this from Michael Voris: Michael stood up. Good for him. UPDATE 24 Oct: It has been interesting reading the reactions to what Mr. Voris did. I wonder if some people, especially over at The Olympian Middle, aren’t mired in … Read More

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Oh the humanity!

Okay… we orthodox, faithful, conservative Catholics are the most flexible people around, but this simply needs some sort of intervention. Michael Voris is in Rome.  He was doing some coverage of the Synod and has stayed also for the trad … Read More

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Michael Voris interviewed, speaks of the role of singles

Here is something you don’t see everyday. A frequent commentatrix here, Supertradmum, has interviewed Michael Voris.  HERE Of interest are the questions on the vocation and role of single people in the Church. A sample: Question One: I want to … Read More

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How many people are going to Hell… and why?

Here is an interesting video from Michael Voris. I suggest listening to the end. This concerns whether many or few or none go to Hell. I, and others, addressed this not long ago and a kerfuffle arose.  HERE I wrote: … Read More

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Voris on Francis, off-the-cuff remarks, and the MSM

Here is Michael Voris on the “Who am I to judge!” line from Pope Francis on the airplane. He puts his foot wrong in calling Msgr. Ricca a bishop (he isn’t) but that doesn’t change the substance of what Voris … Read More

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Acton U 2013: Day 1 (with UPDATES)

I am once again participating in Acton University. This is a wonderful few days. There are swarms of people this year, I think last night the announcer said 1300 people from 85 countries. Fr. Robert Sirico gave the opening address. … Read More

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Catholic League’s head: Pope Francis should expel Vatican’s ‘Gay Lobby’

This doesn’t need a lot of commentary. From NewsMax: Catholic League’s Bill Donohue: Pope Must Oust Vatican’s ‘Gay Lobby’ The “gay lobby” Pope Francis says is at work in the Vatican must be ousted to prevent further damage to the … Read More

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Voris video on Vatican II’s built in vagueness

Here is a video from Michael Voris in his usual non-committal, indifferent, ambiguous, vague, tepid, ho-hum style.  o{];¬) I will remind the readership that in the greater arc of the Church’s history, Vatican II wasn’t all that important.  It is … Read More

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