Wherein Fr. Z muses on a growing trend

Let me put some facts together for you.

At La Stampa Marco Tosatti is reporting that, before the upcoming Synod on the Family in October, things are already heating up.   It seems that Cantagalli, the Italian publisher of Permanere nella verità di Cristo (the Five Cardinals Book™ Remaining in the Truth of Christ, UK HERE) is suing the ultra-liberal “Bologna School” and Kasperite writer Alberto Melloni for defamation.  It’s usually only liberals who sue the faithful.

And there is a short paragraph in Tosatti’s piece about the reaction of Card. Nichols to the 500 Priests Letter™.

Next, I see at nocristianofobia the Archbishop of Santiago, Card. Ricardo Ezzati, has sacked from the Catholic University of Chile a Jesuit, Jorge Costadoat Carrasco, SJ, from the theology department, because the Jesuit publicly supported the bizarre notions of the Bishop of Anversa, Johan Bonny, once a collaborator of Card. Kasper at the Pontifical Council for Christian Unity.  As you will recall, Bonny called for the approval of “gay” relationships.  The Jesuit also called for Communion for the divorced and remarried (the Kasperite position).

Then note that Paul Card. Cordes (aka Hero Of The Week) really stood up to Card. Marx and the German bishops HERE.

Note also the way that, some time ago, Fr. Fessio of Ignatius Press stood up to Card. Baldisseri in the mysterious case of the Missing Books.

Note too the reactions of support and opposition that the 500 Priests Letter™ is garnering.

It seems – feels – as if those who seek to silence the Voice of Orthodoxy (the Voice of the True Faithful) are no longer going to be given a pass.

Pastors of souls should take notice: Coming to a diocese near you.

Just be sure not to gossip or chatter about any of this.


And now Card. Koch says that what Card. Marx and the German bishops are suggesting sounds like what Christians did in Germany when they adapted their doctrines to National Socialism.  The idea is this: “it is dangerous to declare ‘life realities’ as a third source of revelation”.


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  1. David in T.O. says:

    As one who has personally felt the sting of someone not too long ago who sought to shut me up, I can assure you that if anything, it has had the opposite effect. Aside from my personal situation there has been situation in Patterson, New Jersey and in Boise, Idaho and now the chastising in England. The Voice of the Faithful is going to be heard loud and clear and I can tell you from checking my stats, the yellow and white flag is appearing frequently now. So, I shall continue to chatter but not gossip.

  2. Robbie says:

    I had much the same thought as I read several of these stories today. Some of this may just be pre-Synod posturing, but it certainly suggests the conservative side is beginning to get its act together. That’s not something we’ve seen in a long time. Quite honestly, I was beginning to wonder if the relative silence from many in the conservative wing was a sign of acquiescence. That no longer seems to be the case and that’s a good thing. There’s lots of crazy stuff being said and done out there and it’s good know it’s not going to go unchallenged anymore. At least, that’s what I hope!

  3. Kathleen10 says:

    Oh God, let it be so. Amen.

  4. Latin Mass Type says:

    And over at Crust er…Crux or Fishwrap (when reading the comboxes I get lost and can’t tell the difference) someone opined that the Holy Father is being prevented from implementing all his liberal changes by the meany conservative traddy bureaucracy. Go figure…

    Sorry I don’t have a link. But you don’t want to go there anyway!

  5. kiwiinamerica says:

    What truly rotten fruit last October’s Synod has generated. Cardinal against cardinal……bishop against bishop. So similar to the message of Akita. Nothing but division and dispute.

    As for gossip, it is the offspring of scandal. Wherever there’s scandal, you’ll find gossip close by and sadly, last October’s Synod was a monumental scandal for faithful Catholics. If the Pope wants to eliminate gossip then the solution is easy; eliminate the scandal. Quit winking at the heretics, quit trash-talking about faithful Catholics and painting them as wannabee Pharisees, devoid of love and obsessed with legalisms. This is the stinking dung heap which is fueling “gossip”.

  6. Sonshine135 says:

    The actions that we are reading about are the waking up of Christianity. Our Lord is big enough to fix all of these messes.

  7. rbushlow says:

    I hope you’re right Fr. Z.

  8. rbushlow says:

    @kiwiinamerica, Precisely, you are spot on. The stinking dung heap which is fueling gossip Is the winking at the heretics, trash-talking about faithful Catholics and painting them as . . devoid of love and obsessed with legalisms.

  9. baseballmom says:

    Let us not forget that all of these… What do we call them? Heretics? Apostates? Anyway, all of them have held their unorthodox opinions for years – the great blessing here is that all the dirty laundry is out in the open, for all to see (who have eyes to see.). There are none left to “wonder” where those in the hierarchy stand, and that is a very good thing. Granted, we are becoming (or already are actually) the much “smaller Church” that Benedict XVI spoke of – but at least we now know who is with us and who is against us.

  10. anilwang says:

    @kiwiinamerica, What truly rotten fruit last October’s Synod has generated. Cardinal against cardinal……bishop against bishop. So similar to the message of Akita. Nothing but division and dispute.

    Just a typical chapter in Catholic history. Don’t forget God’s providence turning rotten fruit into fertilize which yields a full harvest. The rise of Gnostics in the lead to a firming up on the doctrines of the Papacy and apostolic succession. Marcionism lead to the Church repudiating sola scriptura and the definition of the Biblical Canon. The Arians and other Trinitarian heretics lead to the Nicene Creed, the Donatists lead to the affirmation that all truly repented sins could be forgiven in the sacrament of confession, and Protestantism lead to the Council of Trent and the Catechism of Trent.

    So make no mistake Pope Francis’ Papacy will given some positive fruit despite his choices. What are some of them? It’s too early to tell but for one thing, conservative and moderately conservative bishops are learning to man up and stand up for the faith. For too long, good bishops have become lazy, relying on the Pope to do the heavy lifting while they stay our of trouble and be generally liked. That wasn’t a Vatican II fruit, it existed long before when the Church became comfortable at its success, steady growth, and being generally accepted by the popular culture. Vatican II exposed the softness and worldliness that was already there that could not even withstand a single decade of light assaults of the world (by today’s standards).

    WRT division and dispute, have a look at the Nicene council. I’ve yet to see any punch Cardinal Kasper in the face, though it is long over due.

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