Paris: Day 3 – Water lilies and chicken

As one does, we had a stroll in the Tuileries Garden.


Chestnuts are blooming.

We went to the Orangeries to see some Monet, the monumental water lily and pond panels from 1927, in two oval rooms that represent infinity.

I didn’t realize that there was such a good collection there.

A visit to the Madaleine.

It is a great barn of the place, but it tells you something about the Catholicism of its era.

Then to Our Lady of Victories.

There were zillions of people in church praying the Rosary.

Also in the church were relics of St. Therese and, in a small chapel soon to be saints, Martin and Zelie.

In the even we took care of a Bresse chicken.





Next… an exhibit of Velasquez!

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  1. pelerin says:

    Our Lady of Victories – my favourite church in Paris! It is easy to get lost in prayer there. I once went there with an old friend whose parish in England was a 1960s design. She was completely overwhelmed by this particular church.

    There are also relics of Ste Therese in the chapel of Ste Therese in the district of Auteuil on the Metro line. And few visitors seem to know that the body of St Vincent de Paul lies in a church just round the corner from the Chapel in the Rue du Bac. He is well worth a visit!

  2. Hank Igitur says:

    Looks like you stalked me on my last trip to Paris to get my itinerary. Notre Dame de Victoires usually contains only 6 or so people and has youths playing soccer outside. It was the last church I visited on my most recent trip. You did not mention the vile modern minimalist space out the back reserved to the parents of St Therese next to the toilets which is totally out of keeping with the church itself which is very beautiful.
    [I didn’t mention it because I preferred to focus on the saints.] It is one of my favourites in Paris but needs a clean up, like so many. Try to get to St Etienne du Mont church if you have not been, very beautiful and so much history, St Genevieve, Ozanam and famous people buried there. Where did you go for the Bresse chicken in Paris? The Mersault is a bit young I would have thought??
    [You might think that, but it was fine.]

  3. Militans says:

    The Relics of Blessed Louis and Blessed Zélie Martin will be visiting me soon! Arriving next Wednesday –

    There will be a gathering of those preparing for marriage on two of the three nights in the diocese (see p5 of this pdf – – don’t miss the seminarian supplement towards the middle of the file).

    Bishop Egan said he hoped the visit would “focus our prayers in the lead-up to the family synod” at the Vatican in October.

  4. Athelstan says:

    There were zillions of people in church praying the Rosary.

    Heartwarming to hear that.

  5. johnson2380 says:

    “There were zillions of people in church praying the Rosary”

    I know the FSSP is quite active in France. Let us pray that the flowers from the seeds of Benedict are blooming. Let us pray that the spontaneity of Francis continues to cultivate the garden.

  6. NBW says:

    It’s good to hear many are praying the rosary! I hope that France will regain her title as the “Eldest Daughter of the Church”.

  7. Kathleen10 says:

    Superb photos Fr. Z.! Is there anything like a Monet! My word, they are so beautiful. I love the Angelus as well. That was such a popular American print back in the day, we used to see it in many homes as I recall. But tell me when you get to a Van Gogh, my absolute favorite. Impressionism!
    That huge church is amazing as well. Have fun.

  8. Grateful to be Catholic says:

    Ah, Pareee! I once spent a spring morning in the Tuileries and, purely by chance, watched the chestnuts bloom: nothing when I arrived, buds popping as the sun climbed, in full bloom by noon! Your day was scrumptious from beginning to end. You will make it to Sacre Coeur, n’est-ce pas? For Benediction, perhaps?

  9. Ignoramus I says:

    A little help, if you please. The Millet painting “The Gleaners” reminded me of the telling of how Ruth was made known to Boaz, by gleaning after the reapers in the fields of Boaz. So beautifully it unfolds. The fruit of this union being of course , Obed- father of Jesse, the father of David, thence Our Blessed Lord. I wonder if perhaps in Millet’s painting that is Ruth among the gleaners, and Boaz with his men and their mounts. This, especially, as he also created “The Angelus”.

  10. Ignoramus I says:

    Beg pardon, previous post intended in Day Four

  11. GregH says:

    Zillions of people praying the Rosary? Definitely worth a trip to experience that!

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