CQ CQ CQ #HamRadio Saturday – Viva la Habana!

I don’t have special news from the last week, since I have been traveling and otherwise busy.

However, as I type, I have the EWTN feed on for Pope Francis’ arrival in Cuba.  The EWTN announcer reminded us that since 1993 Mother Angelica had established shortwave broadcasts – which reach Cuba.  To this day, perhaps the EWTN broadcasts as well as the Vatican Radio broadcasts, maybe be the only Catholic programming they can receive.

I hear Vatican Radio once in a while in the evening on 40m at 7.305.

The EWTN stations are HERE.

Meanwhile, not long ago, I made a contact with a station in Cuba, T46BC.

Next week I will be in a place that has lots of Ham Radio stuff.  Hopefully I will have an opportunity to look at a shop or two.

My antenna is set up for 20m right now.  I might try to get on the rig later in the evening.

Meanwhile, feel free to use this thread to set up your own scheds.


Finally… I am closer to getting a vanity call!

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  1. CandS says:

    Fr Z, are you on this evening? We’re at a party of like-minded folk this evening and doing a Ham demo tonight after the rosary and dinner. I’ll check in later and see if we can make contact if you are available.

  2. CandS says:

    I’ll set up for 20m too.

  3. Listening on 14.265 (as usual).

  4. CandS says:

    I’m hearing someone on 14.266 too close to where you are

  5. CandS says:

    All set up if anyone wants to try

  6. Mike says:

    Curiosity piqued, I’ll be lurking on WebSDR now and maybe later after 9 pm Adoration.

    No, you don’t need to take up a collection to buy me a real radio. The good Lord willing, and given time, that may be happening presently in due course.

  7. CandS:

    I have supper going. But later, I will try.

  8. CandS says:

    We got on for a while set up outside. Heard lots on the west coast. Packed up now to go home.

  9. CandS says:

    If I see you’ll be on later, I’ll set up at home.

  10. CandS says:

    I’m home and setting up again for 20m.

  11. I’ll get on my rig on 14.265 since that is where WB0YLE is listening.

  12. CandS says:

    Just called CQ on 14.265.00

  13. CandS says:

    I might hear something way down there somewhere. I don’t know if you’re hearing me at all.

  14. CandS says:

    I think there could be plenty of optimization I need to try with the Buddipole.

  15. Someone way down in the mud

  16. CandS says:

    SWR is 1.7, which I suppose isn’t awful. I’ll keep trying.

  17. CandS says:

    I can also switch to 40m or another band.

  18. not much getting out on 20m right now

  19. CandS says:

    I feel like I hear something, but too far gone to even be speech.

  20. I hear someone tuning up

  21. I’m hearing a couple folks

  22. CandS says:

    I’m getting nothing but static and maybe something way way down on 14.265.00. Earlier on 20m I was hearing lots of crystal clear transmissions in California, Oregon, Washington all the way from here in Massachusetts.

  23. chris1 says:

    I’m now attempting to call CQ on 14.265 – anyone hear me? KJ4MPE

  24. CandS says:

    I’m hearing a lot on 40m when I switch over (without switching my antenna).

  25. chris1 says:

    I hear that VA also. Attempting contact.

  26. CandS says:

    Just tried calling CQ as well 14.265. I’m still learning, but what advantages do we have of trying other bands?

  27. chris1 says:

    ac7va is the station we were hearing. I got him just above noise level enough to make contact.

  28. chris1 says:

    CandS – I’ll switch over to 40 if you’d like. 20 isn’t worth much right now.

  29. CandS says:

    Okay, I’ll switch my antenna. Let me know what frequency to listen on.

  30. CandS says:

    I’m on 40m now.

  31. chris1 says:

    7.210 is silent right now for me. I’ll tune up and start calling CQ.

  32. CandS says:

    I’m getting interference from 7.208.50

  33. chris1 says:

    Come up just a couple KHz’s. I’m talking to K3RLE right now.

  34. CandS says:

    I could hear you, KJ4MPE

  35. chris1 says:

    Are you hearing the strong station at 7215?

  36. chris1 says:

    Ok, glad you could here me…to bad I couldn’t hear you. Fr Z? Anyone else? Get in on this…there’s decent propagation on 40 right now.

  37. CandS says:

    Not clearly. I assume you didn’t hear me calling back on 7.211?

  38. chris1 says:

    No, I didn’t. I just talked to KC9LOX out of Wisconsin. My radio says I am at 7214 but being a slide-rule type tuner the calibration isn’t perfect.

  39. CandS says:

    are you moving around a lot? I keep hearing your call signal, but I’m losing you.

  40. chris1 says:

    No, I’ve been hanging at the same spot about 10 minutes now. Still calling CQ.

  41. CandS says:

    I can hear you fairly clearly. I’m answering back. You’re not hearing me I don’t think.

  42. I have to turn in.

    Keep at it!

  43. CandS says:

    KJ4MPE, just letting you know I heard you calling and heard you just sign out.

  44. chris1 says:

    Guess it’s just not working in our favor. I have to do some other stuff…maybe we can work down the log sometime. 73, de KJ4MPE

  45. CandS says:

    Fr. Z, I’m on 7.214.00 right now.

  46. CandS says:

    I see, that was “turn in”, not “tune in”. I’ll keep trying elsewhere across the band then.

  47. CandS says:

    Anybody going to be listening this evening?

  48. acardnal says:

    The whole world is listening, CandS. ;-)

  49. CandS says:

    I’m listening on 20m and 40m this evening.

  50. CandS says:

    But so few anybodies that I might know!

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