Looking for incense and hosts (altar breads)? Try Agnus Dei

Fathers (and others), if you are looking for a source for both hosts and incense, here is a good possibility .You would be doing a large family a good turn.  They have 15 children from 19 to 1.  They homeschool and have a cottage business.

Agnus Dei communion breads.

They sent me, some time ago, some small samples of various types of incense they provide and it is very good.  I’ve tried it at Sunday Masses.  And it’s cool looking, too.



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  1. Packrraat says:

    That incense looks yummy enough to eat. Does it come with a warning label?

  2. acardnal says:

    I have to say, I’m incensed when the altar hosts are altered.

  3. tpodonnell says:

    Has anyone doing incense at home ever gotten sick from the charcoal (carbon monoxide)? I had done it outside before while praying morning prayer and then recently brought the incense (with charcoal) just for a few minutes (ventilation isn’t bad in my home) and quickly felt effects. Fresh air was a quick remedy, but still — I know some people do home incense so I imagine that there must be some way for CO to not be an issue or else no one would ever use it except in a huge Church. Even at a small chapel near my house they use tons, and the ceiling is only 10 ft there, and I can’t imagine anyone feels effects.

  4. Dominicanes says:

    Such business takes away from cloistered monasteries for whom baking or distributing altar breads is one of the few sources of income compatible with cloistered life. Cloistered nuns have very limited sources of income, ans especially in areas where there aren’t many Catholics the nuns truly rely in this income.

    Supporting your local cloistered monastery by buying your hosts from them truly helps support them in their way of life.

  5. Someone please be the Garrigue says:

    One word of warning, though…

    If the incense gets incensed and it all goes up in flames, don’t use the oil to disinflame the flames. No. Oil, being flammable, will inflame the flames.

    To disinflame the flames, use water instead. Water, being inflammable, i.e. not flammable, does not inflame flames.

    But if it’s the holy oil that’s up in flames, don’t use holy water to disinflame those flames. No, no, no! Water, although not flammable, really will inflame those flames because it won’t be wholly water but water and oil, and it’ll be a right holy flamefest for you — it’ll be a holocaust — and that really will cost.

  6. doodler says:

    I think we really only ought to call them ‘Hosts’ after consecration. ‘Altar Breads’ is quite adequate beforehand.

  7. acricketchirps says:

    Yow, Packrraat! You certainly put the kibosh on my plans to pass it out for Hallowe’en this year.

  8. Pigeon says:

    Before looking closely enough I thought the first picture was some southwestern style corn.

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