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Looking for incense and hosts (altar breads)? Try Agnus Dei

Fathers (and others), if you are looking for a source for both hosts and incense, here is a good possibility .You would be doing a large family a good turn.  They have 15 children from 19 to 1.  They homeschool and … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Altar breads/hosts made in USA by religious?

From a reader: Just a quick question: are there any congregations of religious women in the United States that still bake altar bread? I know many communities will sell altar bread from a large manufacturer, but not sure of any … Read More

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Altar breads from Cistercian nuns, with video

From a priest reader: Thank you for all that you do to promote the religious life, especially the businesses that cloistered religious operate to support themselves. I thought you might appreciate (and plug) this video on the altar breads business … Read More

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