As the Synod ends…

My friend Fr Murray has good comments in his EWTN analysis of the Synod’s work:

Fr. Murray touches on Pope Francis’ words about decentralization of the Curia. Robert Royal admits that he doesn’t know what Francis meant by decentralization and a transformation of the papacy.

Fr. Murray thinks that this Synod reveals what great trouble we are in as a Church. It is important, however, that we reaffirm our commitment to Catholic Truth. We must strengthen family life. Royal thinks it is good that we don’t have departures from Catholic teaching in the Final Report. I think that’s damning with faint praise. It is positive to be talking about some thorny issues. However, confused messages are being sent out. I posted a while back a seriously deficient and confusing TV spot from Chicago as an example.

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  1. Gil Garza says:

    Save the Liturgy to save the world.

  2. If the Synod is struggling to find out what to do for families, they should take a hard look at those orders where families are flocking to in droves. Orders like the FSSP and Institute of Christ the King are bursting at the seems with numbers of young families. All the aging parishes whose numbers are dwindling are diocesan ones. Those diocesan parishes are also harboring Catholics like Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and John Kerry – all of whom publicly and staunchly defend abortion.

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