10 Nov: Leo the Great

In the newer Roman calendar this is the feast of Pope Saint Leo I, “the Great” (+461). In the older, traditional calendar, his feast is 11 April.

You could perhaps pray to St. Leo that he will intercede with God to ask strength and courage for his successor in this difficult time.

I have quite a few PODCAzTs dealing with him and his texts. I notice that all of them are from some time ago.  Come to think of it, I haven’t made a PODCAzT for a long time, have I?

061 08-05-17 Pope Leo I on a post-Pentecost weekday; Fr. Z rambles not quite aimlessly for a while
059 08-05-15 Leo the Great on Pentecost fasting; Benedict XVI’s sermon for Pentecost Sunday
053 08-03-31 Annunciation – St. Leo the Great; some voicemail Q&A
050 08-02-22 St. Leo the Great on Peter; Fr. Lang on the Cathedra of Peter
049 08-01-06 Leo the Great on Epiphany; Lefebvre compared to Athanasius; feedback
029 07-05-18 Leo’s mind blowing Ascension sermon; angels
027 07-05-16 Leo on the Ascension; a Collect; feedback
021 07-04-22 Leo the Great on Peter – Msgr. Schuler
020 07-04-19 Leo the Great and Benedict – Habemus Papam!
010 07-03-25 Leo the Great’s Letter 28 “ad Flavianum” – veiling statues – a “Tridentine” church in Rome
009 07-03-22 Leo on the Passion; Sobrino; confessions on Good Friday
008 07-03-20 Leo the Great on works of mercy in Lent

My relic of St. Leo.

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  1. AVL says:

    I think its beautiful that you have a relic of St Leo! And a great idea to ask him to intercede for PF.

  2. jameeka says:

    Yes, it has been too long time since you have done a podcazt, Father Z…….I re-listened to Pope Leo the Great and Peter podcazt this morning, excellent ( as usual), and prayed for Pope Francis and Msgr Schuler RIP.

  3. acardnal says:

    More Podcazts, please. Advent is approaching. . . BUT I would welcome a weekly Podcazt throughout the entire year!

  4. Prayerful says:

    It is the new calendar feast, but still Sanctus Leonis, Ora pro nobis!

    Thank you Father for the blog.

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