All Saints and All Souls Masses on the High Seas!

A friend of mine who is a Navy Chaplain sent photos of his Masses for All Saints and All Souls aboard USS KEARSARGE.




That’s what we’re talkin’ about!

Pray for all in the armed forces, that God will protect them from spiritual and temporal harm.


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  1. BigRed says:

    For an instant I thought the pix were of the the WWII era. The chaplain is offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass ad orientem!
    I see combat boots under the server’s cassock. Cool!
    The congregants must be (by Navy/Marine Corps definition) sturdy young people. Please God that they will carry their reverence for the Traditional Mass back to their home parishes.

  2. keithp says:

    USS Kearsarge.

    A ship of noble and valorous lineage.

    Twas the earlier USS Kearsarge that sank the notorious raider CSS Alabama in 1864.

    May God Bless the USN.

  3. Tamquam says:

    Now THAT takes me back! I was on a WWII vintage tin can in the South China Sea (the good old Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club). Every once in a while they would helo a Padre out to us and he’d hear confessions and say Mass in the hanger deck. ‘Course it was all Novus Ordo, not that I understood much about all that back then, right out of High School.

  4. Blaine says:

    Been in the Navy 15 years now and haven’t seen a mass ad orientam, let alone a TLM. Wow.

    God bless this chaplain.

  5. jbpolhamus says:

    Do we know who this noble warrior of God is? I met a chaplain in San Diego this year, and wonder if it’s the same man.

  6. JoeHaydu says:

    I believe I recognize those vestments as belonging to a fantastic chaplain whom I had the pleasure of meeting in Afghanistan a few years ago. He offered TLM every Sunday in addition to the Novus Ordo services, unless I’m miss-remembering, Fr. Z has posted about him before.

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