Fr. Z’s Voice Mail – US and UK phone numbers renewed

I just anted-up for my virtual phone numbers again.  Sooo… I hope they will be used.

NB: Every once in a while it happens that – for reasons I don’t understand – I can’t download some voice mails.  I can’t hear them.  FWIW

Please leave me voice mail. I don’t call back, but I listen to it. You have three options:


020 8133 4535


TIPS for leaving voice mail.

  1. Don’t shout.  If you shout, your voice will be distorted and I won’t be able to understand you.
  2. Don’t whisper.  If you have to whisper, maybe you should instead be calling the police.
  3. Come to your point right away.

By the way, if you emphatically say at the beginning of a message, or anywhere else in a message for that matter, not to use your message in a post or a podcast… then I (probably) won’t.  But then don’t complain that you didn’t see something about it on the blog.  ‘kay?  Yes, that happens.

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