New art from Daniel Mitsui: Pater Noster and Requiem Mass

Daniel Mitusi occasionally sends me new pieces of art which he has created.  This time he sent me a large text of the Pater Noster and a smaller image of a Holy Requiem Mass.

For his site click HERE

Please excuse that I left this in the plastic.  Daniel wraps the prints carefully. He encloses them in plastic and then in layers of cardboard so that they are not damaged in the sending.  You can see a more accurate version at his website with the link, above.

Here my intention is to give you some perspective through the imposition of a Sharpie.

A detail from the text.  Each letter is detailed.

And the Requiem… appropriate for November… again, still in the plastic.

There are two versions, this B&W and one I haven’t seen, in color.



Detail… note the words from the Roman Canon.

That bishop seems to be most eager for prayers.

There is usually a lot going on in his prints.

We should support our Catholic artists.

You may recall that his little daughter has spent quite a bit of time in the hospital.  You know what that means.  So… visit his site!  His prints make great gifts.  You can find one for just about any occasion.

Also, I am going to badger him about QSL cards.  You ham radio operators out there should bug him about that.  I think it would be spiffy to have a custom QSL card for W9FRZ.

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  1. LarryW2LJ says:

    I heartily recommend Jeff Murray K1NSS for custom QSL art. He’s a very good person to work with. More light-hearted style, though.

  2. Kathleen10 says:

    I love his art! It must look amazing framed.

  3. I have framed a few for myself and to give away. They are marvelous.

  4. Elizabeth R says:

    He also has coloring pages. He recommends them for children to use in church, but this adult downloaded the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary for myself.

    He suggests a donation, but leaves the amount up to you.

  5. RichR says:

    I’ve purchased many of Mr. Mitsui’s prints. Every person I’ve gifted one of his pieces to knows they have been given something extremely special and of heirloom-quality. This guy is one of the few artists I patronize zealously because he is so good at what he does.

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