ACTION ITEM! Catholic family’s business – Agnus Dei – incense and hosts

action-item-buttonIn the past (HERE) I have mentioned a source for incense and altar breads, hosts:

Agnus Dei

I received a note (my emphasis).

We have considerable stock imported of both the communion breads and incense. Increased the incense varieties and have included censors.

We have faith that God wanted us as a family go go down this path; we felt it for many months now. Jeff works at ___; and has since last February. We feel like God has given us Agnus Dei as a gift as Jeff’s way out of that environment. God’s ways are mysterious!

We need prayers though, we have taken considerable financial risk while still being prudent and careful.

Fear is a powerful emotion when raising 14 children. But, His grace is sufficient for us.

May I offer an ACTION ITEM to the readership?16_01_20_AgnusDei_01

Make a purchase of incense from them and then give the incense to your parish priest to try out.

Fathers, make a purchase of incense and hosts.

It would be a good deed.

NOTE: During Masses I have tried some samples that they sent me.  It is good!

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  1. Kathleen10 says:

    God bless this beautiful family! I so hope their business enterprise takes off.
    We had never encountered incense such as this type of incense, but did during Epiphany, when our church gave out blessed chalk and some incense in this form. I had no idea what to do with it, and when I tried to ignite it, it melted into something black and stuck to the plate on which I tried it. For a moment, it smelled like a church. Lovely. But perhaps one needs to do something with this type of incense, and I am not familiar.

  2. frjamesomaha says:

    Fr. Z – which have you tried that you like? It’s hard to know by looking at these names…..

    [Off the top of my head, I can’t tell you names. However, all of those I tried were pretty good.]

  3. arickett says:

    This sort of incense is normally burnt with a fuel source like charcoal and does leave a residue behind. The only home use I can think of is to place it in a glass container with some dried flower petals fruit etc. Mostly for visual effect.

    Intrested to see what other idea are suggested

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