It’s … ALIVE!

Some of you have suggested that I have a penchant for eating things like gagh.  I won’t deny it.

The other day I had something that you might find interesting.

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  1. CradleRevert says:

    I don’t know if I could eat something like that. I know it’s not alive, but it just looks….unsettling.

  2. Michelle F says:

    It will take me the rest of the day to get Gene Wilder’s voice out of my head.

  3. rcg says:

    That looks so COOL! When the children were small I showed them what was good to eat in the forest and lawn that was safe and tasty. This included insects, some ants are actually delicious and taste sweet. So we move to a new town and the kids are in school. Our youngest is in pre-school and I get a call from the teacher complaining that she is teaching the other children to eat bugs from the playground……

  4. Gaetano says:

    That’s what happens when you sprinkle shaved katsuobushi (Bonito flakes) on a freshly cooked takoyaki (savory Japanese pancake). The shavings are onion skin thin and move in the heat radiating from the food.

  5. Kent Wendler says:

    I hope I’m not removing anyone’s vicarious thrills/chills, but from Yahoo! Answers: “Don’t worry it is not alive! It is just Katsuobushi which is dried bonito flakes. The heat and steam of the Takoyaki makes it look like its moving or curling up.”

  6. pseudomodo says:

    An abbreviated excerpt from Star Trek TNG WITH APPROPRIATE EDITS…

    Tactical Officer: “Commander, you’re not eating very much.”
    Riker: “I’m not that hungry.”
    Klag: “Is the food all right, Commander?”
    Riker: “It’s delicious. The Tako tentacles was excellent, I also enjoyed this Bakagai.”
    Vekma: “And the Kurumaebi?”
    Riker: “Delicious.”
    Klag: “Good. Then you’ll also like this.”
    Riker: “Isn’t that Katsuobushi?”
    Klag: “Very good. You did some research on our nutritional choice.
    Riker: “Yes… but it’s still moving.”
    Klag: “Katsuobushi is always best when served live. Would you like something “easier”?”

    The ending of the exchange I hereby deem NSFWDTPRS!

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

  7. mrsmontoya says:

    I prefer spoo, but only if it is fresh.

  8. Suburbanbanshee says:

    If you’re interested in Japanese food in a mild way, there’s an short form anime (followed by a live action show that’s sitcom length) called Wakakozake, which focuses on Japanese bar food. (There’s a lot of Japanese bar food.) Some of it sounds good (clams cooked in sake!) and some of it not so much, but it’s interesting.

    Which brings me to a rather strange short form anime called JK Meshi. It focuses on snacks that junior high kids in Japan can cook late at night (as a study break) using Japanese leftovers and stuff in their mom’s kitchen. A couple weeks back, the show informed us that the katsuobushi waving fish flake thing also works on hot rice, so you can just cook rice and put takoyaki condiments on it, and still get part of the full experience.

    Takoyaki is an octopus-filled pancake shaped like a little ball, btw. As you can see, you can put a lot of other stuff on it, and sometimes it includes other stuff in the filling besides octopus.

  9. Mojoron says:

    I don’t think so.

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