ACTION ITEM: Christmas Cards 2015 – UPDATE

UFrom Christmas 2014


Don’t send any snail mail to the address I posted for Christmas Cards, etc.  It is defunct.

UPDATE 5 January 2016:

The Christmas Cards for 2015 are still trickling in.  Here is the latest update.

Port Washington, OH
Guilford, CT
Fort Collins, CO
Fredericksburg, VA
Vero Beach, FL
Catskill, NY
Berkeley, CA
Rosario, Philippines
Madison, WI
Plano, TX
Austin, TX – $
Crete, IL
Cambria, CA
La Mesa, CA
Mumbai, India
Dushore, PA
Tyngsboro, MA
Needham, MA
Humbley, TX
Bottesford, England – £
Woonsocket, RI
Uniontown, PA – $
Eltopia, WA
Spokane, WA – $
Forest Hills, NY
GP Farms, MI
Kenai, AK
Amandola, Italy
Witchita, KS – $
Newton, MA – $
Rutland, VT
Holyoke, MA – $
St. Louis, MO – $
Thaxton, VA
Wyle, TX
Dallas, TX
Hutchison, MN – $
G.D. Luxembourg
Clifton Park, NY
Oklahoma City, OK
Uniontown, PA
Harrisburg, PA – $

UPDATE 27 December:

Faribault, MN
Bloomfield, MS
Cuyahoga Falls, OH – $
Raleigh, NC – Goldfinch reference!
Kenai, AK
Santa Rosa, CA
Clemens, MI – x2
Atlantis, FL
Henderson, NV

UPDATE 24 December:

Worcester, MA – hat! -$
Bedford, TX
Dundee, MI
Traverse City, MI
Cudahy, WI – groovy stamps
Des Moines, IA
Sweden – somewhere
Brighton & Hove? England
Vadnais Heights, MN
Somerville, MA
La Grange, IL
Finland – somewhere
Loudonville, NY
Grand Rapids, MI
Waldport, OR – whew
Santa Rosa, CA
Richland, IA
Gladstone, OR
Madison, WI
Arcola, IL
Wilmington, NY

UPDATE 23 December

The cards have been pouring in.


Washington DC
Holland, MI
Colonie, NY
Pittsburgh, PA
Ireland (somewhere)
Vero Beach, FL
Winnipeg, MB – $
Voorhees, NJ
Shelton, CT
Ventura, CA
Mankato, MN
South Jordan, UT – prayers!
Mesa, AZ
Lumberton, TX
Glasgow, Scotland
Carlsbad, NM – $
Madison, MS
Sheffield, England
Minneapolis, MN
Tornillo, TX
Grove City, MN – $
Grants Pass, OR
Orlando, FL
Saline, MI
Toronto, ON
Manchester, NH
Tisdale, SK
Lafayette, CA
Hamburg, NY – $
East Lynne, CT – gift card
Dallas, TX
Plymouth, MI -$
Cohoes, NY
Charlottesville, VA
Dennison, MN
Lewiston, ME
Austin, TX
Brooklyn, WI -$
Columbia, PA -$
River Ridge, LA
McLean, VA – $!
Seattle, WA
Chula Vista, CA
San Francisco, CA
Pembroke Pines, FL
Palm ?Beach Gardens, FL -$
Tampa, FL -$
Teaticket, MA
Raliegh, NC -$
Cranberry Twp, PA – $
Berkey, OH -$ – prayer!
Gilbert, AZ
Peosta, IA
New Albany, IN
Parrish, FL
Covington, GA
York, PA
Bridgewater, MA
Goodrich, MI – $
Newton Hlds, MA (x2?)
Ferndale, MI
Boise, ID
Port Perry, ON -$
Cincinnati, OH
Spokane Valley, WA
Fresno, CA
New Ulm, MN
Burke, VA
Winogski, VT
Shawnee, OK -$
Pasadena, A
Canada – somewhere
Covina, CA
Ormond Beach, FL -$
Knoxville, TN
San Antonio, TX
Youngstown, OH – $
Glasgow, Scotland
Portsmouth, England
Lyon, France
McKinney, TX
Denver, CO
Pasadena, MA
Alcoa, TN -$
Manassas, VA
Natrona Heights, PA
UK? “Plymouth Rd”
New Zealand – Somewhere
Pascagoula, MS

Some interesting samples…






I could show a lot more.  Many cards come with letters and personal notes.  Many come with requests for prayers.

Thanks for sending, everyone.


Last year I posted about Christmas cards on 22 December, which was late, especially for some readers in some parts of the world.  I’m a bit more pro-active this year.  Bales of cards arrived last time around, some as late as February.  HERE Sometimes I look at the blog’s stats and I see, coming and going, people from all over the world.  Hopefully you will take a moment or two to send a card.

IN NO SPECIAL ORDER SO FAR… (my apologies if you don’t see your town – I inadvertently tossed a few of the first envelopes before I recorded them):

Irving, TX
E. Peoria, IL
Menomonee Falls, WI
Middleton, WI
Schenectady, NY
Newton Highlands, MA
Dayton, OH – $
Santa Fe, NM
Tavares, FL
Seattle, WA – $

Some of your cards have checks (that’s cheques in some places).   Thanks!  I’ll record your names for the next time I say Mass for my benefactors.

Some of your cards have your “form letter” for friends and family.  They make interesting reading.  I am interested in who you are.  Some of these letters are rather poignant, for they also convey news of suffering and of challenges, though they invariably also end on high notes of hope and expressions of faith.   For example, one person wrote: “Together, our reaching out for hope saves the world from despair.”

Some of your cards have hand written notes.  One of them wrote of how my PODCAzTs had been helpful in bringing her back to her Catholic Faith.  That makes my day.

A few of your cards.

I am not impressed by email Christmas greetings.   If someone wants to send me Christmas greetings, please send a card by snail mail, with really cool stamps, if possible. I’ll preserve the stamps and give them to a collector, maybe a homeschool group. One readers took my note about stamps seriously.



As I wrote last year, I enjoy all those sixes.  I wish there were only three, just to provoke the imaginations of some of my … fans.

From Christmas 2014

I have a USP Store address because, in this holiday stretch especially, the mail delivery where I live, at the chancery, is non-existent on weekends and it may be in flux because of the way the whole place is being restructured. Moreover, they can sign for anything that needs a signature (for example, gold bars, ammo, a Bugatti Chiron, bearer bonds, multiple cases of Pappy Van Winkle, you know, the usual stuff).  In addition, they can call the FBI equally well as the folks where I live.

Please: DON’T SEND PERISHABLE FOOD ITEMS.  I am sure they would be wonderful, and not poisonous, mostly.  But, please, just don’t.

On another note, …


There is an album of Advent music available from the wonderful Benedictine Nuns in the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph.

Here are a few little samples.

There are zillions of Christmas music offerings out there.  Advent?  Not so much.

This disk can help you keep Advent as Advent.

The UK link is HERE.

And they have wonderful Christmas music, too.  Think about stocking stuffers. Sacred music CDs… Mystic Monk Coffee (go to their Sampler Page to see lots of packets of coffee, just 2 oz. each, four different 9 pack sample options and one 30 pack.) They also have Teas. Also, you are going to need lots of coffee for your own entertaining.  5 lbs bags They also have Teas. And there is Z-Swag.

Order now.  Get it in time.  

And use the Amazon search box on the sidebar, please.

PS: I have also located and dusted off my Tactical Christmas Stocking.


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  1. Matt Robare says:

    So it won’t get to you if we address it as “Father John Zuhlsdorf, Steam [Pipe Trunk]Distribution Venue”?

    [Not likely. And my address may be changing soon to either The Cupboard Under The Stairs or Down In The Basement.]

  2. Mary Jane says:

    If our gracious host will allow me to put a shameless plug in this comment box (well…it is on topic! ;-):

    Our parish choirs recorded and recently released an Advent (as well as Christmas) CD. It’s called “Lumen Gentium: Advent & Christmas At Mater Dei”. It’s available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, etc. Some of the Advent tracks include Alma Redemptoris Mater, Veni O Sapientia, and Sancta et Immaculata (to name a few).

  3. graytown says:

    Fr Z

    For stamps to have a collector value , they need to be mint – unpostmarked.
    There may be some interest in postmarked stamps just for curiosity’s sake.

  4. Mariana2 says:

    Card sent off this evening.

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  6. Skeinster says:

    Thanks, Mary Jane !
    Wanted to mention the new CD, but wasn’t sure how others could get one.
    Breaking it out today, along with the sisters’s.

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  8. pj_houston says:

    I’d be hard pressed to give away the elusive Pappy Van Winkle. It’s even rarer these days after the Pappy Nappers struck.

  9. Random Friar says:

    I first saw “666 Obama Dr” as the address. Now THAT would give everyone ideas.

  10. Alanmac says:

    Further to your card from Saskatchewan…
    An American couple were traveling in Canada and got lost.
    The wife suggested asking where they were at a gas station, so they pulled in to one and the gentleman went in and asked the manager where they were.
    The manager said “Saskatoon, Saskatchewan”.
    He returned to his car, his wife says, well? And he says “they don’t speak English here”.

  11. APX says:


    The not speaking English thing is actually rather true. We have a completely different way of speaking in Saskatchewan.
    Without reading the subtitles, most people wouldn’t know what they’re talking about. I lost a lot of my native tongue when I left the prairies.

  12. Thanks for your good work.

  13. Dominicanes says:

    Worcester, Father! And if you’re from the region you pronounce it Wistaa!
    Merry Christmas!

    [And to you and your whole community!]

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