VIDEO: A CALL TO BATTLE: ‘Society’s Crisis in Masculinity’

The Diocese of Phoenix, under the oversight of impressive Bishop Thomas Olmsted, has issued a 10 minute video.

A Call to Battle – A Short Film on ‘Society’s Crisis in Masculinity’

4975 views at the time of this posting.

Last September he published a letter about the same urgent topic. HERE

Fr. Z kudos.

“Into the breach!”

See the website. HERE

And this wouldn’t be Fr. Z’s Blog without a call to revitalization of a virile, transcendent liturgical worship, and another hectoring push for you to …


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  1. MattH says:

    I loved the point about how self-mastery is required for complete self-giving.

    Fasting, which is the entry-level training for self-mastery, could certainly use some more emphasis.

  2. dochm13 says:

    As I was just saying, Church Militant, masculinity, WE are the military…

  3. Semper Gumby says:

    May Bishop Olmsted’s tribe increase. I’m halfway through his pastoral letter and it’s worth the read.

    At the Weekly Standard website Matt Labash has a new article “Growing Old without Growing Up.” In this article on summer camps for adults he briefly mentions the “Brony” phenomenon, something I’d never heard of before. A Brony is an adult male who is a fan of the My Little Pony cartoons for little girls.

    According to Rise of the Bronies at the American Conservative site, these guys have their own chat rooms, websites, and conventions where some wear a wig or furry tail resembling their favorite pony. The 2013 Baltimore BronyCon drew 12,000 attendees.

    May the sales of Lex Orandi Lex Credendi bumper stickers increase.

  4. tz2026 says:

    Around 3:35 a woman says:
    “His greatest call is a call to paternity, whether he is the biological father or not”.
    Ok, bastardy, cuckoldry. There are other problems. It seems to be blaming men for everything and that women are perfect and righteous even if they aren’t catholic, celibate/virgin, righteous, or traditional.

    Who cares if the woman is divorced, and had several children by different fathers and because of STDs is sterile, the Bishop will annul earlier marriages if any, and the good Catholic men should just “man up” and marry her and he won’t have any children of his own, he should raise HER children.

    What of “no-fault”, i.e. “man-fault” divorce which is practically encouraged. Hubby raises his voice, call 911 and the cops will arrest him and he’ll behave. If he doesn’t just divorce and keep the kids, the house, and all the assets and we’ll impose child-support, after all, what is paternity beyond the monthly support payment?

    You cannot heal marriage by only calling one half to holiness and duty. Hosea is NOT the model of Christian marriage. Calling men to holiness and women to change nothing and just be worldly, prefer career to motherhood, be bitchy instead of submissive, etc. is futile.

    The subtext is that women are always right and that men should submit to them. We need women on the altar, altar-girls, the usual mob of Eucharistic ministers, and the feminized touchy-feely Novus Ordo and those who prefer something more manly, more masculine need to shut up and man-up and just accept the women run things from marriages to families to the church.

    My alternative is that women should be the models of Christian wives and mothers. It includes fecundity. (“Not tonight dear, I’m going to have a headache every night for the next few years). Women who turn marital relations into aversion therapy until their biological clock starts ticking too loudly then demand affection aren’t the problem, pornography is?

    If you misdiagnose the problem, the prescription won’t work.

    Men aren’t the problem. MGTOW is a symptom caused by women who reject their traditional roles. If women refuse to return to the traditional role of wife and mother and helpmeet, men, even if they become holy, won’t marry them.

  5. Neal says:

    tz2026 raises some interesting points, not that I agree with them entirely. Can anyone imagine the Diocese of Phoenix making a second video aimed at encouraging women to be mothers, presumably sacrificing higher education and career progression to better do so? And they’d better not return to the original sources when it comes to the proper relationship of wives to husbands. I suspect the backlash would be catastrophic, and that’s just from the nice Catholic girls.

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