My View For Awhile: Orange Juice Edition

I’m off!

I have a couple speaking gigs and a mother to visit.  Hopefully weather will cooperate!

Playlist for the first leg: 13 Hours in Benghazi.


Chic-Fil-A closed on Sunday, as usual.  But there is a good burger place across the way.

This is clever.  I’m not sure if the rolling luggage has these extensions for another bag or for a kid!  They were keeping up with mom just fine.

Ah, the glories of the lounge.


A fellow just asked for prayers for his sister Sue who has stage-4 pancreatic cancer.

Please stop and say a prayer her and her family.


Speaking of my view for a while, this wasn’t my view, but that of someone during Holy Mass this morning.


For the life of me I can’t figure out why everyone sits on the Gospel side of church, unless it is … I dunno.  The Gospel side is packed and the Epistle side has a few individuals until you get to the back, then the pews are full.  Did the ceiling cave in there once?   “Come early and get a seat in back!”  In any event, this appears to be just after Holy Communion, given that the housling cloth is in play.


Playlist for 2nd leg.



As I listen to “Rejoice! Rejoice! We have no choice”, I squeeze into the laughably mislabeled Delta Comfort+ seat.  Good grief.  

It may be the narrowest seat I’ve been in since the last narrowest seat I’ve been in.


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  1. Maltese says:

    I hope Hillary doesn’t see you reading that :) Great film based on that book, by the way!

    [Oh my heavens no! What have I done?!? No… wait… really… there’s no book. I was listening to the soundtrack from the movie.]

  2. IoannesPetrus says:

    A friend invited me to watch that movie. Come to think of it: it’s funny how its beginning assertion of being a true story – hardly a spoiler – was doubted by her but defended by me; yet she passionately faulted the soldiers for what they did or did not do, so much so that I felt I had to defend them by referring to “the true story”, i.e. including that which the movie mentioned barely or not at all. (I have never mentioned the name “Hillary” more in my life!)

    But, to be fair, neither are we of – nor were we in – the US. My friend simply likes debate for its own sake and I…proselytise…by participation.

  3. IoannesPetrus says:

    O dear, I forgot to end by wishing all the best in your travel and assignment… a habit of sorts which I am trying to break, if only I wouldn’t forget this too!

  4. marianna331 says:

    Speaking of orange juice and prayer requests , let us pray that all of our priests stay healthy during this liturgically rich, but demanding time.

  5. acardnal says:

    I note a lot of CSN on that playlist.

    St Norbert’s was all draped in purple today as Fr. Navarro said the EF Mass.

    I’ve observed that families like the back rows in order not to disturb the congregation when they have to get up and leave with their fussy kid.

    I love Chic-Fil-A and I said a prayer for Sue, too!

  6. In my experience, imbalances in the arrangement of congregants in the pews are caused by an imbalance in the location of parking lots. People sit as close as they can to the door they used to enter the nave.

    As for Chick-Fil-A’s, I am driven crazy that I can’t support them on Sunday, the day I am most likely to be out, though I respect that nonetheless. However– last week I noticed a new location in Manhattan, not far from where I often have occasion to work. I couldn’t run right in there as I have given up lunch for Lent, but I will make a point of going in there now and again as my schedule allows.

    [Near Holy Innocents. I walked by it several times last week.]

  7. Susan G says:

    My guess for the seating location is a leftover “we must sit on the priest’s side” for Holy Communion from Novus Ordo attendance.

  8. RWG says:

    Nice to see some blues on the playlist, Bonamasa and Stevie Ray. I swear that the right and left seating is perhaps an unconscious preference based on the separation of the sheep from the goats.

  9. jacobi says:

    I was going to say that they are all deaf and want to be near the pulpit to hear what’s said but on looking at the congregation, I’m most impressed at how young they are and the male/female mix, so probably Suzan is right.
    Mind you it could be listening to too much rap. Could try switching the pulpit to the other side?

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