Your Sunday Sermon Notes

Was there a good point, or two, in the sermon you heard when you fulfilled your Mass obligation for this Sunday?

Let us know

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  1. The priest, wearing traditional vestments and a maniple for an ordinary form Mass, said that his greatest privilege as a priest is to raise the spiritually dead (we got the year A readings on account of the RCIA third scrutiny), and that we should go to confession and not be afraid of the priest.

  2. benedetta says:

    Divine Liturgy for the 5th Sunday of Great Lent. Jesus, while he was on the Earth among the people was renowned for what he did — healings, feeding the hungry, restoring even life to those who had died — today He would be considered the greatest of doctors, the healer of all. And people screamed and yelled to see Him as we will be recalling shortly — when He came into the city they cried “Hosanna” to Him. He shared everything with the twelve who were with Him, and shared His cup, totally, with them, to His death, to the end. Some when seeing what He did considered that He should be a king, a ruler, to take over the government, they couldn’t see further than that, to them that was everything. But He shed His blood, and it is that cup that we are privileged to also share, to receive Him totally in communion.

    Our priest then walked to the icons of the twelve, and gesturing, pointing, he said “Every one of them (gesturing) was tortured and died for following Him.”

  3. Confession, confession, confession :-)

  4. alicewyf says:

    Father said that when we gossip, we define people by their sins. He said that the media is especially bad at encouraging this behavior. We are very good at remembering the bad things people did decades ago, but if they’ve completely reformed their lives, we find that less interesting. The opposite should be true.

  5. Michaelus says:

    Absolutely one of the best sermons I have ever heard – all about the confession of sins. Father focused on the sacramental necessity of confession to a priest, talked about the danger of sins of omission, noted that people go to psychologists and therapists for the very thing they receive for free at confession – wonderful stuff. I feel like St. John Vianny came to our little parish today…with Fr. Z assisting of course….

  6. JonPatrick says:

    EF mass. Jesus reveals his true identity. He is the fulfillment of the promise of the Messiah. When he says “I am” the Jews considered this a blasphemy. “I am’ not “I was” – he claims to have existed for all time. This echoes Moses and the burning bush where God gives his name as “I am”. Jesus is true God and true man – he had to be a true man to die on the cross but true God to be our savior. We need a savior even though we don’t always believe that we do. The only way to eternal life is through the Cross, to die to the world.

  7. a catechist says:

    Bishop said forgiveness is God’s mercy, “go and sin no more” is God’s justice, and Go to Confession! Soon!

  8. BigCath22 says:

    Our Priest talked about blessing of Pope Francis and his election to the papacy 3 years ago. However, I did notice that Father Z has failed to mention that fact. But, he did make note this year of the 3 year anniversary of Benedict announcing to the cardinals of his stepping down from the Chair of Peter and the day Benedict officially left. Not trying to take a cheap shot,but just think its a bit odd not to mention the 3 year anniversary of Francis when you talked about the three year anniversary of the other two events.

  9. Grateful to be Catholic says:

    The long distance runner has to pace himself and save something for the end of the race. As St. Paul said, we are in a race, and Lent is a particular instance of it. If we have perhaps lagged a bit up to now, this is the time to focus for the last two weeks.

  10. Sri_Sriracha says:

    Father gave an excellent sermon on hell. It was all the more poignant with the veiled images, underscoring the eternal loss that damned souls experience.

  11. Roman Catholic Guerrilla says:

    Dom Gilberto, our bishop emeritus, told a story I had previously heard only from my grandmother. As I child I remember asking my grandmother “What did Jesus write on the sand?” and my grandmother said “Oh, Jesus knew everything, he wrote the sins of the elders, one by one..”, well yesterday Dom Gilberto repeated this during the homily. It was a beautiful memory,

  12. DavidJ says:

    Father preached going to confession, and that to truly appreciate Divine Mercy, we must understand the gravity of Divine Justice. The cross is meaningless if mercy is cheap.

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