PODCAzT 149: Interview with Fr. Richard Heilman – Part 2

In this PODCAzT we hear the the second, shorter, of two parts of an interview I did with Fr. Richard Heilman, pastor of St. Mary’s Church in Pine Bluff, WI a few minutes to the west of Madison.  I’ve written about Fr. Heilman may times.  I help out at that parish on weekends.  I’ve seen some great things going on there.  It occurred to me that what Fr. Heilman is doing there could provide some encouragement, especially in the wake of Card. Sarah’s appeal to priests to start saying Mass ad orientem.

In the first part, Father spoke about an unusual situation he faced at the beginning of his pastorate, about moving his parish to ad orientem worship for all Masses and the influence learning the Traditional Latin Mass has had on him.  He also talks about working with groups of men.

In this part Father talks about confessions and confessionals (face to face or behind the screen), his Combat Rosaries and the Swiss Guard (I wrote on that HERE), and about his Scapular Crucifix.

Fr. Heilman’s blog is HERE.

In this PODCAzT we switch musical gears.  You might hear along the way something in honor of Pope Francis, whose favorite music is tango.


148 16-07-09 Interview with Fr. Richard Heilman – Part 1

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  1. KatharineH says:

    God bless Fr. Richard Heilman, and may dozens, scores, hundreds and thousands of priests be so courageous in their parishes. Fr. Heilman, you are in our prayers!

  2. jameeka says:

    How encouraging! A Pastor who knows what his sheep need, and he has the pep and grace to multiply it.
    I will associate Father Heilman with the tango now too.

  3. bcpsummers says:

    I really agreed with what he had to say about confession. For me, when I came back to the church, making confession with the comfort of anonymity helped me to give a full and honest confession. Every time I’ve had to make confession facing the priest it has been a nerve wrecking experience. Especially when its the communal penance as the large open areas of many churches make them perfect echo chambers.

  4. Semper Gumby says:

    Thanks Fr. Z and Fr. H- great interview.

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