Moderation queue alert and some housekeeping notes

I have quite a bit of driving in store for me on Thursday.  That means that I won’t be able to check the moderation queue as often as I can when I am not on the road.

Folks, I’m sorry about moderation queue and about the registration and all that.  I had to require registration some years ago because, frankly, really nasty people targeted the blog’s combox.

Lately, I have used the moderation queue more often lately because I don’t want the place to devolve into the hideous, un-Christian invective, defamation and lies that characterize the liberal (and some not liberal) “catholic” sites, such as Fishwrap.  Look over there sometime.  Brrrrrrr.  And sometimes I, well, save you from yourselves, as it were, and close rabbit holes.

Perhaps one day, with a little more support, I will get some people to help with the moderation.  Until there, I can’t always be on top of every queued comment or registration.

Also, please note that some people write to me to say that they cannot register.  When I look them up in the database, I usually find that they are already registered.  I then set a new temporary password for them and that solves it.  However, people who are really people, and not vile spammers or bots (who – if they don’t repent – will roast in the deepest cinders of Hell) are usually approved pretty quickly provided they too that “About You” part in the registration form seriously.

Anyway, thanks for the patience.


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