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Tu Vuò Fà L’Americano

I received a photo from a friend in Rome who supped today on KFC… yes, in Rome. In his honor I post the following, for your enjoyment. With all the lousy news these days, from every direction, we need to … Read More

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Who are the members of the new “women deacons” study group?

The Holy Father appointed a committee to study – again – the notion of ordination of women as deacons.  This was already studied by the International Theological Commission, which leaned away from the possibility of sacramental ordination. It is good to … Read More

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VP Biden officiated at “same-sex wedding”. Where are his pastors?

The other day, pro-abortion, “practicing Catholic”, democrat Vice President Joe Biden performed a same-sex civil “marriage”. In effect, Biden gave the digitus infamis to the Catholic Church. Canonist Ed Peters has observations about this scandalous flipping of the proverbial bird.  HERE … Read More

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