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The Act of Reparation taught by the Angel of Fatima

In the late September or early October of 1916, 100 years ago as I write just shy a couple months, an angel appeared to the three children of Fatima to whom Our Blessed Mother would later appear during 1917.  The angel taught … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Why no confessions on a feast day?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: At the end of today’s mass (Feast of the Assumption), the priest announced no confessions would be heard because “Sundays and solemnities are joyous occasions, so we don’t hear confessions.” I was dismayed. I find reconciliation … Read More

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Videos of Pius XII declaring the Dogma of the Assumption

The fabled pastor of my home parish, the late Msgr. Richard Schuler told stories about being in Rome when Ven. Pius XII infallibly declared the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin to be a dogma of the Faith.  He was present … Read More

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Assumption – The 4th Glorious Mystery

As today, the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we are to begin the 54 Day Novena it is appropriate to share again something I put together back in 2006 for my “Patristic Rosary Project”.  I drill into … Read More

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START TODAY! 54 Day Rosary For Our Nation – 15 August (Assumption) through 7 October (O.L. of the Rosary)

Can we agree that our nation – I mean these USA – need some serious intervention and graces from God?  I fear that if we don’t change our collective ways, God will either intervene somewhat less gently.  Otherwise, He’ll owe … Read More

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