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I picked this up from SpaceWeather while looking at news about your planet’s Sun gobbling up a dying comet. GREEN-BLOODED BOBBLEHEAD: The 50th Anniversary of Star Trek is now. To celebrate (and to support their crowdfunded research program) the students of Earth … Read More

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Paris Police quash protest over church demolition

The day after the funeral of Fr. Jacques Hamel, slain at the altar by Islamic terrorists, police storm a church in Paris, destined for demolition, and drag out the protesters.  Find the story HERE. St. Rita is in the 15th. … Read More

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Pope Francis blasts “gender” ideology, quotes Benedict XVI: “this is the age of sin against the Creator!”

Here’s something the Fishwrap (aka National Sodomitic Reporter) types will struggle with. On 27 July the Holy Father had a closed-door meeting with the bishops of Poland.  There was a brief Q&A.  Today Francis’ remarks were published. Here is an excerpt.  From … Read More

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Last words of French priest murdered by Islamist terrorists: “Go away, Satan.”

From FNC: Funeral Mass for murdered French priest: attackers were ‘Satan’ ROUEN, France – The archbishop of Rouen, leading Tuesday’s solemn funeral Mass for an elderly priest slain a week ago by two extremists, said the Rev. Jacques Hamel tried … Read More

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Priests, bishops: Stop what you are doing and read.

I warmly direct the priestly and episcopal readership here to These Stone Walls, the blog of Fr. Gordon MacRae, an innocent priest unjustly jailed. He has a deeply moving and poignant post today which I won’t try to summarize or … Read More

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